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2020 High School Graduation Exam: Successful, safety ensured

Update: 11-08-2020 | 11:21:38

2 days of high school graduation exam in 2020 has ended. This year's exam took place in the midst of a complicated epidemic of Covid-19 in the country, so it can be seen as a special exam compared to other years. However, with the proactive initiative in preparing the necessary conditions, the graduation exam in the province has been successfully held, meeting the requirements of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc (left cover), Deputy Minister of Education and Training; Mr. Tran Thanh Liem (third, from left), Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee examines at Nguyen Trai High School (Thu An City) exam scores

Meeting the requirements of disease prevention and control

In the face of the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, the work of ensuring health safety for candidates (candidates) and exam staff was carried out by the Department of Education and Training in collaboration with departments, branches and localities. show tight. Taking measures to prevent and control disease Covid-19, all candidates who come to the exam scores are checked their body temperature, and wash their hands before entering the exam school. candidates also implements the regulations to wear a mask when going to the exam school.

As noted by the reporter at the test points in Thu Dau Mot city, in 2 test days, all test scores took place safely and strictly followed the regulations on Covid epidemic prevention and control. -19. At the exam score No. 4 at Nguyen Dinh Chieu High School, there are 490 PhDs. In order to ensure that the exam takes place seriously and safely in the complicated situation of Covid-19 epidemics, on August 8, the test score leader has deployed to the exam review staff popular for candidates. the rules, regulations and requests for examination officers, candidates when taking the exam must wear full masks.

Following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health on Covid-19 disease prevention and control, parents who bring their children to the exam scores at Tan Phuoc Khanh High School also strictly enforce the wearing of masks. In addition, the police force in charge of maintaining order also reminds parents not to leave the car in front of the school gate and not to gather many people. This test score has 553 candidates from high schools in Tan Uyen town and Thuong Tan high school (North Tan Uyen) to take the exam. Before entering the exam school, the teachers were encouraged by the teachers, helping them calmly take the exam during the epidemic season.

Exam school discipline is maintained

High school graduation exam in 2020, Exam Council No. 44 in Binh Duong province chaired by the Department of Education and Training. This year's exam is held in the conditions of ensuring disease prevention and fighting in parallel with maintaining the order of exam schools. Ensuring the seriousness, fairness and objectivity of the exam, the examination organization is carefully implemented by the Department of Education and Training in coordination with the departments, branches and localities, especially the assurance of epidemic prevention. Covid-19 disease was carried out strictly according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

At the test sites, the police force of the province, district, town, city and militia of communes and wards take part in maintaining traffic security and safety in front of the test score and the surrounding area. This year's high school graduation exam, the Ministry of Education and Training sent 77 officials and lecturers of Dong Nai University of Technology and Ho Chi Minh City Open University to participate in supervising the exam in the test board No. 44 in Binh Duong. Ms. Phan Thi Thu Nga, a lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City Open University, shared that this year she was assigned to supervise the exam scores of An My High School. After 2 days on duty, she highly appreciated the organization of the test scores, strictly followed the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, and at the same time ensured epidemic safety and prevention for the doctors.

New this year is that the force participating in the inspection of test scores also has a team of Provincial Inspectors. Accordingly, the Provincial Inspector has sent 3 officers to participate with the department of inspection and supervision at all test points in the province. To increase the objectivity of the exam, on August 10, the delegation of the Ministry of Education and Training led by Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, the Deputy Minister, also checked the organization of the 2020 high school graduation exam in Binh Duong. Deputy Minister has come to exam scores at Nguyen Trai High School and Trinh Hoai Duc High School exam scores. At each test site, the Deputy Minister learns about the organization of the exam, supervises the exam rooms, the council room, the exam room and the exam. Through reality, the Deputy Minister evaluated Binh Duong's efforts to prepare well for the high school graduation exam safely, strictly according to the exam regulations and ensure the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic.

Many activities to  support candidates

In this year's exam season, the youth volunteer line-up at the test sites were active enthusiastically and responsibly. In addition to activities like previous years, which were instructing PhD, distributing water, assisting in ensuring security and order at test scores ... you are also very active in taking measures to ensure epidemic prevention and control. according to the law.

At exam score 4 at Nguyen Dinh Chieu High School (Thu Dau Mot City), before each exam, all candidates were checked their temperature by TNC, provided hand sanitizer. Mr. Hoang Quoc Bao, Deputy Secretary of the Hiep An Ward Youth Union, said: “This year, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, before starting to work, the volunteers were trained to support. additional health check for candidates. With the spirit of volunteering, you participate in support very enthusiastically, coming to the test scores very early to prepare to welcome candidates... ”, Mr. Bao shared.

At the exam score number 1 at Hung Vuong High School (Thu Dau Mot City), Mr. Ly Ngoc Minh, Secretary of the Union of Hiep Thanh Ward, said that all of you were fully trained in how to measure body temperature. health for candidates. They also coordinated with the traffic flow function and instructed parents to keep the car neatly and waiting for candidates in front of the school gate. For candidates who do not have a shuttle, the volunteers are also ready to help.

At test score No. 14 at Tan Phuoc Khanh High School (Tan Uyen Town), the volunteer team also divided into small groups to support candidates with many different tasks. Before that, the volunteers were trained to carry out the test season relay, so all work, from measuring temperature, providing antiseptic hand wash, guiding candidates ... were done smoothly. Accompanying the martyrs, on the morning of August 9, this volunteer formation also distributed 250 servings of rice to candidates and 1,500 bottles of mineral water. It is the interest of the voluntary volunteers that has made candidates more confident to pass an important exam in the complicated situation of Covid-19 epidemic.

From this exam season, once again the spirit of aggression and volunteering of youths continues to be promoted. The image at Chu Van An Secondary School (Thu Dau Mot City) wearing a raincoat to support candidates or TN at the test site of Tan Phuoc Khanh High School even though they put their candidates across the street, has created an unforgettable impression. with candidates in this year's exam season.

Reported by Anh Sang – Hong Thuan – Translated by Vi Bao

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