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90% workers of Di An City return to work after Tet holidays

Update: 25-02-2021 | 20:15:17

As of Feb 22, in Di An city, more than 90% workers returned to the city to work. 

Doan Nam Le Thien, Vice Chairman of the city Labor Confederation, said that total number of trade unions at non-State owned business sector was 350, with a total labor force of 38,216 people, including 35,386 trade unionists. By this afternoon, 315 trade unions resumed their work after Tet holidays, with 32,077 trade unionists/34,527 employees, accounting for more than 90%. “There are only a few companies that will restart production in the coming days. In general, this year, the number of workers returning to work after Tet holidays did not fluctuate much, this helps companies to stabilize business and production soon”, said Mr. Doan.

It is expected that after Tet, there would be 50 enterprises recruiting 1,900 additional employees in Di An city. Enterprises recruiting employees at beginning of new year are mainly in sectors of garment, footwear, plastic, wood processing...

Reported by Quang Tam - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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