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A friendly city

Update: 26-02-2019 | 10:56:58

From a small urban area, without planning, low technical and social infrastructure, people's material and spiritual life is still difficult, but with determination, solidarity, dynamism and light. created by the Party, government and people, the goal of building Thu Dau Mot urban area to become a civilized, rich and modern city has gradually become a reality. Thu Dau Mot has been recognized by the Prime Minister as a first-class city directly under the province. Honorable and proud, but this is not the final destination that city people want to reach.

Parks at the front doors

The fact that Thu Dau Mot city was recognized as a first-class city by the Prime Minister by the end of 2017 has become a great motivation for the Party, government and city people to continue to join hands to build Thu Dau city. A modern, prosperous and beautiful urban area deserves to be the political, economic, cultural, scientific and technical center of the province. Remember, at the announcement ceremony of the Prime Minister's decision recognizing Thu Dau Mot city as a first-class city in early 2018, Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha, Chairman of Thu Dau Mot City People's Committee, confirmed the work Receiving a grade I city is a very important milestone of the Party, government and city people after many years of striving. However, that is not the ultimate goal. “On the basis of reviewing the standards according to the urban classification regulations, the city will continue to implement solutions to raise the standard groups, which have not reached the maximum level, focusing on overcoming standards that have not reached the point. minimum, with the goal of improving the quality of life of the people”

Cross-country travelers are provided with free services at the lunar January full moon festival. Photo: T.D

In that spirit, in the past time, in parallel with the task of urban construction and development, Thu Dau Mot city has promoted the renovation and embellishment of urban areas and mobilized the building of cultural lifestyle. - Urban civilization to improve the quality of life of the people. Along with the construction of concrete alleys, asphalt and investment in public lighting systems, the city continues to advocate to make use of public land and old offices to build parks and gardens. So far, there are dozens of parks and gardens built and put into use in all wards in the city. The formation of parks not only creates an open space but also a place for people to relax, relax, exercise, and sports.

Many tourists coming to Thu Dau Mot city were impressed with the policy of building parks and gardens in many streets of the city. Ms. Tran Thi Hong Lam, a tourist from Can Tho, said one of the interesting things to come to Thu Dau Mot city is that there are many parks and gardens. “I see a lot of parks and gardens here. Although it is not too big, I think the presence of these parks and gardens not only reduces the suffocation of the city but also the ideal place for tourists to explore the land of Thu”

Free festival

The phrase "free festival" is a way of speaking by tourists when having a chance to go to the January festival in Thu Dau Mot city. The reason for such a way is because in recent years, tourists when going to the festival were extremely surprised when they used many services ... for free.

Surprising visitors are also easy to understand because the problem of "tight guillotine" at festivals is headache for managers and authorities in many localities, in Thu Dau Mot city, tourists not only do not "shout the price" "But also free access to many services. During the festival days, visitors will be free from motorbike taxi to the bus. If a tire is accidentally broken, you can call or take it to a dealer with a mobile repair team to fix it and, of course, not pay. Not only that, in many intersection areas, public places, volunteer teams of organizations, city organizations are always on hand to distribute bread, spring water, cold towels, sugarcane juice ... All are free and accompanied by fresh smiles of volunteers as well as people when serving near and far tourists to the spring festival.

Mr. Bui Minh Thanh, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Thu Dau Mot, said that to ensure safety, order and civilization during the January festival of the Full Moon Festival, the city mobilized mass organizations. Participating cities support visitors from the cross. And in recent festive seasons, many people and organizations volunteered to offer many free services. “This is clearly the culture that needs to be promoted. The meaningful work will also contribute positively to the implementation of the movement to build the cultural and urban civilization lifestyle that Thu Dau Mot city is widely deployed in the city," said Mr. Thanh.

Building a civilized, rich, beautiful and modern city is not a one-way process, but with creating space and building friendly people like how Thu Dau Mot city is developing, it must be the right choice for long-term foundation. "Natural aromatherapy incense", Thu Dau Mot city is now known not only as a center of a dynamic industrial province in the southern key economic region but also a friendly image during the festive season. The name "Park City" is spreading strongly. Isn't that an effective way of marketing or promoting.

Reported by Tri Dung – Translated by Vi Bao


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