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A land has large potential for tourism development

Update: 14-10-2019 | 07:56:52

Dau Tieng is a rural district of Binh Duong province. This land still has many rustic tourist destinations, attracted a large number of tourists. Besides, there are many red addresses of historical tourism combined with mountain temples that can create original tours for visitors to explore.

Many tourists come to Cau mountain - Thai Son pagoda.

Tourism highlights

Historical - cultural relics are valuable resources to create tourism products. Therefore, the conservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage in the district has received much attention and contributed to tourism development.

Currently, in Dau Tieng district, there are 19 historical, cultural and scenic sites; of which, one relic is at the national level is the front command post of Ho Chi Minh Campaign, 10 relics are recognized as provincial relics by Provincial People's Committee, and 8 addresses were imprinted with historical events and battles of Dau Tieng district. These relics have become the ideal destinations for hundreds thousands of youth union members and tourists inside and outside the province to learn about the history and culture of Dau Tieng in the past and present.

Besides available advantages of natural, cultural, and historical conditions, Dau Tieng also has tourist areas that have become characteristics of this land, such as Cau mountain eco-tourism area (visiting Thai Son pagoda, taking picnics at Truc stream, Dau Tieng reservoir in Dinh Thanh commune); Doi-Champa eco-tourism area (Dinh An commune); Ba Thien Hau temple festival on full moon of lunar January (Dau Tieng town) etc. have attracted a large number of tourists to Dau Tieng.

In recent years, Dau Tieng has aimed to develop eco-tourism in orchards along Saigon River in Thanh An and Thanh Tuyen communes. So far, dozens of households have switched from growing rice to fruit trees such as mangosteen, rambutan, durian, etc. When fruits start to smell good, it's time for tourists to visit orchards, have fun, eat and buy fruits. Although this model has recently appeared, it promises to expand and pull a large number of visitors to Dau Tieng.

Dang Minh Phuoc, Head of Culture and Information Office, Head of the District Tourism Development Steering Committee, said that in recent years, activities of tourism development in the district had gained many positive changes and achieved goals of the district. However, the promotion of historical - cultural relics in the area faces many difficulties and limitations. Tourism activities at the monuments are still separate, not yet bonded with each other, thus are not efficient. These relics have not really become tourist attractions; Tourism products are poor and monotonous; Tourism activities have not generated large revenue to contribute to the conservation and embellishment of monuments.

Slow but firm steps

Facing limitations in tourism development, Dau Tieng district has developed a district tourism development program for the period 2016-2020. The program objective is to stimulate tourism in the district, contribute to the conservation and efficient exploitation of historic, cultural, revolutionary relics, natural resources, and ecological environment values; meet the demands for visiting, studying, exploring, relaxing, and enjoying, contributing to improving the spiritual life of local people as well as tourists inside and outside the province; make good use of tourism revenue to re-invest in preserving and embellishing relics, protecting local ecological environment, ensuring sustainable development for tourism and ecological environment.

With this program, the district has paid attention to the construction and forming tours combining monuments with tourist attractions according to each suitable route such as Ho Chi Minh City - Dau Tieng; Binh Duong - Cau mountain eco-tourism site, and historical sites. At the same time, the district leadership also set up the organization of “Don ca tai tu” (Southern amateur music) for visitors at historic monuments and tourist destinations. This activity has initially revived tours and activities at destinations to attract visitors, contributing to increasing the income of Don ca tai tu - Cai Luong Clubs.

Mr. Phuoc added, the district came up with solutions to develop local tourism, for example, investing roads to the foot of Cau mountain; upgrading and expanding infrastructure at Cau mountain - Thai Son pagoda; calling for investment from people and businesses in parking lots, restaurants, hotels, encouraging owners of fruit gardens in Thanh Tuyen and Thanh An communes to serve tourists. The district will also enhance tourism promotion on mass media; strengthening relations and cooperation, developing different kinds of tour from other provinces and cities to Dau Tieng.

Reported by Thien Ly – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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