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Abundant and creative tourism souvenirs of Binh Duong

Update: 28-07-2020 | 10:46:41

Tourism souvenirs are an indispensable activity in tourism development. Products of long-standing traditional craft villages in Binh Duong have become meaningful souvenirs for visitors whenever they come to Binh Duong. In recent years, Binh Duong tourism industry has developed more tourist souvenirs to meet the need of travelers...

Visitors learn about tourism souvenirs of Binh Duong.

Diverse souvenirs

Binh Duong has been long famous for traditional crafts. Coming to Binh Duong, most tourists will surely bring home meaningful gifts. For example, Minh Long and Cuong Phat ceramics, or pottery products of production facilities in Lai Thieu (Thuan An City), Tan Phuoc Khanh (Tan Uyen Town). In addition, household ceramic products, piggy banks are also favored by tourists coming to Binh Duong.

Besides ceramics, Tuong Binh Hiep lacquer is also a very special souvenir that bears the imprint of Binh Duong traditional craft villages. Besides, products like Thanh Loc rattan and bamboo, Phu Van wooden clogs or Phu An rice paper... are all unique products of Binh Duong. Binh Duong has also been known for specialty fruits. Fruits such as mangosteen, langsat, jackfruit of Lai Thieu, or Bach Dang pomelo, Tan Uyen pomelo, oranges, grapefruit of North Tan Uyen are all delicious fruits that tourists can bring as gifts for their family and friends. Pham Hong Thi, Deputy Director of Provincial Tourism Promotion Center, said products of craft villages and specialty fruits are souvenirs favored by tourists coming to Binh Duong. In general, tourism souvenirs of Binh Duong are quite diverse, and all make good impressions on visitors.

To create more souvenirs

Provincial Tourism Promotion Center has been interested in developing more tourist souvenirs. The first thing to mention is publications introducing Binh Duong tourism are quite diverse in content and have eye-catching appearances. Up to now, provincial Tourism Promotion Center has compiled and published nearly 20 publications of all kinds. Some other souvenir products are also made by the center, such as: Backpacks, paper bags, ball-point pens, keychains, lacquer forks, a symbol of hand raising wing seed, or wing seed combined with mangosteen... On these products are often printed images of Binh Duong tourist spots and Binh Duong tourism logo.

Various publications, eye-catching souvenirs developed by the center have been sent to numerous domestic and international visitors. This is an effective channel to convey information, helping visitors be more impressed about Binh Duong. When accessing information of Binh Duong tourism through these gift products, most travel agencies and tourism businesses appreciated the creativity in both content and form. Many domestic organizations shared experiences with provincial Center for Tourism Promotion to create tourism publications and souvenirs. “It can be said that images of Binh Duong tourism have reached a large number of tourists through brand identities on gift products. Since then, tourists have known more about Binh Duong and want to learn more about Binh Duong tourism through tourism souvenirs and publications", Mr. Thi said.

Mr. Thi also said that in the coming time, provincial Tourism Promotion Center would continue to implement and renew tourism publications, invest more in the content and form of the publications and souvenirs to meet tourist demand for information seeking. In addition, the center will also cooperate with travel agencies and handicraft production facilities in the province to research and create more impressive tourism products as souvenirs for visitors. The center will continue to host a competition to create good souvenirs for Binh Duong tourism.

Reported by Hong Thuan - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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