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Adequate supply of goods, stable market

Update: 04-04-2020 | 10:55:33

Along with the whole country, in the next 2 weeks, Binh Duong people must live differently, simply, economically, and limit going out of their home... Therefore, during the last weekends, a lot of people went to supermarkets, shopping centers, grocery store, conventional markets to buy goods. Buying power increased by 40% compared to a normal day.

An employee of Co. Opmart Binh Duong supermarket adds more goods to shelves to serve consumers.

Purchasing power increases

After the Government required temporary suspension of services and businesses from 28 March to the end of 15 April for the epidemic prevention and combat, some people in Binh Duong stock up on goods. Although there were no people flocks, supermarkets, the people number at conventional markets, convenience stores in the province increased.

At Di An market, during the last weekends, many housewives hurriedly went shopping. Every one carried several bags of essential items. Tran Thi Cuc, a resident of Di An ward, believed that stores would be closed, thus she bought many things. At Co.opmart Binh Duong supermarket, items on racks were sold quickly, because the number of shoppers increased, especially at food area. On average, out of 3 people waiting for cashier, 1 person had a shopping cart full of toilet paper, instant noodle, bread, confectionery, beverages...

At Big C Binh Duong, payment counters were also full of customers waiting. Mostly sold items were necessities such as laundry detergent, shower milk, fish sauce, cooking oil, tofu, canned food, packaged food, especially hand sanitizers... Thai Thanh Nhan, head of fresh food division of Big C Binh Duong, said the epidemic situation was complicated, many people bought more food like instant noodle, milk, cakes, dried food, rice, sugar, cooking oil, in which instant noodles were chosen by many people for its convenience, fast serving, and cheap price. On the other hand, fresh food was also heavily stored during this time. According to Mr. Nhan, purchasing power during the last weekends increased by 25% compared to weekdays. In which, revenue of food groups increased by 40% compared to two weeks ago. It is a good thing that shoppers bought items serving their needs, there was no hoarding, thus the amount of goods stocked and sold was quite steady.

Sufficient supply

At conventional markets and retail system, although the number of goods sold fast, there was no shortage of goods. At Co.opmart Binh Duong, employees constantly stocked more goods to shelves, especially instant noodles. Also at Big C Binh Duong supermarket, areas of products serving the Covid-19 prevention, such as hand wash gel, face mask, rice, cooking oil... were displayed right at the entrance. With a cart full of fresh and dried food, processed foodstuffs, Lai Thanh Khuyen living in Phu My ward, Thu Dau Mot City said she bought in large quantities to avoid leaving home in the following days. Supermarket staff helped Ms. Khuyen put items into her cart and reassured her: “Don't worry, the supermarket is still in business as usual. Every day, Big C Binh Duong supermarket is always full of goods for customers to buy".

Ho Van Binh, Deputy Director of provincial Department of Industry and Trade, said that after the suspension of non-essential services and shops under the Government's directive, the industry and trade sector also simultaneously informed people that businesses of essential items still opened normally and would not increase prices. In the past few days, people bought and stored food and essential goods to prevent and fight diseases, but there was no hoarding in large with quantities. The Department cooperated with other functional agencies to strengthen inspection and control of the market to prevent speculation, hoarding of goods. On the other hand, the Department also worked with supermarkets and shopping centers in the province to develop solutions to supply adequate goods to people in case of increasing purchasing power. “Accordingly, under the State management, 106 conventional markets, 11 supermarkets, 5 shopping centers, over 200 convenience stores and tens of thousands of large and small grocery stores in the province prepared a plentiful supply of goods, with supply capacity exceeding 100% of demand, ensuring the uninterrupted supply in the province during this period", Mr. Binh confirmed.

Reported by Thanh Hong - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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