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Administrative reforms satisfy the public needs

Update: 16-01-2021 | 07:25:31

In 2020, by the drastic and deep direction of Binh Duong provincial Party Committee and People's Committee, the administrative reforms in the province have again achieved many good results. Over 97% of administrative procedures’ dossiers were resolved punctually.

In 2020, communal officials have boosted IT application into resolution of administrative procedures for the public, forming the greatest consensus. In this photo: Officials of Phu Loi ward People’s Committee in Thu Dau Mot city are resolving administrative procedures for the public by online processing.

Towards the satisfaction

In 2020, Binh Duong provincial Public Administration Center will arrange the counters in integrated and streamlined direction. All administrative procedures at all departments and branches are digitally designed to meet developmental requirements. According to statistics, approximately 97% of dossiers have been handled on time. This shows that departments and branches have been drastic in resolving administrative procedures by strongly applying information technology and returning results by courier service.

Department of Justice has made progress in all aspects, contributing to the achievements and development of the department and locality by promoting the application of information technology and good practices of legal aids, judicial supports, and controlled administrative procedures. In the meantime, the Department of Planning and Investment has bravely applied information technology to handle most of the records through the network environment.

In order to shorten the time for handling administrative procedures, according to the Department of Planning and Investment, enterprises need to know clearly the order and procedures for registration for the establishment of enterprises as prescribed. Accordingly, the enterprise registration is carried out at the business registration office, including the following specific steps: Firstly, the application for registration for the establishment of the enterprise is submitted; Enterprise founders submit complete application for enterprise registration as prescribed at Binh Duong provincial Business Registration Office; Secondly, the reception of registration documents for enterprise establishment registration is done by recording a receipt of the application at the business registration office; Thirdly, the business registration agency reviews the validity of the registration dossier and issues or refuses to grant the enterprise registration certificate within 3 working days from the date of receipt.

To meet the satisfaction of the public and businesses, the Department of Information and Communications has recently announced the non-cash payment service on handling administrative procedures at Binh Duong provincial Administrative Center, allowing people and businesses to pay administrative fees through VNPT Pay's services at: Lai Xuan Thanh, Director of Binh Duong provincial Department of Information and Communications, said that the service implementation at Binh Duong provincial Public Administration Center is in line with the government's policy of promoting non-cash payments; thereby, diversified services are provided for people to use on working with State agencies, helping to improve international perspectives and modernizing the provincial administration while supporting people and businesses to actively choose  the forms and services of payments without depending on just a few service providers; thereby, more confidence and trust among the people are established.

To promote propaganda

The success of administrative reforms in Binh Duong in 2020 is thanks to the synchronous and drastic direction of all levels and branches. In the process of implementing the general tasks, Binh Duong provincial People's Committee is always upholding the responsibilities of the leaders by strengthening their responsibilities at State administrative agencies of all levels regarding the administrative procedure reforms. Individuals and organizations who arbitrarily set out illegal and authorized regulations that cause difficulties and troubles for people, organizations and enterprises would be strictly sanctioned. In addition, Binh Duong provincial People's Committee on yearly basis organizes a dialogue between the leaders of the Party Committee, the authorities and the people and businesses in the province to listen to them and solve problems in all fields, especially, the reforming administrative procedures.

Many factors making up the success of the administrative procedure reforms in Binh Duong in 2020 including propaganda are in place. Ly Van Dep, Deputy Director of Department of Home Affairs, said that through propaganda, the press inside and outside of the province has contributed to raise awareness of organizations, enterprises and the people and at the same time helped officials and public employees about the goals, attitudes and responsibilities in public administration reforms and public service delivery. In particular, the press has made it available for the people to participate and supervise the activities of State agencies, cadres, civil servants and public employees.

According to Dep, for the time to come, the propaganda activities should necessarily be integrated to the State's administrative reforms for the propagation, dissemination and education of the Party's guidelines, policies and laws of the State in relation to legislative reforms, judicial reforms, and construction of a socialist rule-of-law State of the people, by the people, and for the people, contributing to improving the people's knowledge, preventing and fighting corruption, serving the cause of industrialization and modernization, promoting international integration, and building Binh Duong province into a smart city of synchronous electronic and digital government system.

Reported by Ho Van – Translated by Vi Bao

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