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Attempts to bring rural industrial products to market

Update: 26-11-2020 | 10:48:41

In Binh Duong, small and medium-sized industrial production establishments and enterprises be present in all localities. Most of these establishments are trying to create a connection chain from production and to distribution of goods to consumers.

Production activities at Truong Tho Manufacturing-Trading Company (Ben Cat Town).

Many popular products

According to Khuu Tu Chau, Director of Ngoc Chau Bamboo Chopsticks Company (Di An City), bamboo products is considered one of the popular, eco-friendly production, and has brought important benefits to people in rural areas of Vietnam for a long time. However, in order to stand firmly on the market, this "small" industry must try harder. After many efforts, the company's products have met strict standards and regulations of the world market. The company aims at four main goals in the global economic development and integration by constantly researching and developing to perfect their products, committing to implementing regulations to ensure product safety.

In addition, the company is looking for ways to lower production costs, guarantee reasonable prices. Starting up from a small business, the most worrying thing to this company is constantly improving itself and progressing to professionalism in service. In recent years, the company's sales have gained good results, were clearly showed in the annual revenue. In 2018, the company's revenue was VND31.5 billion, in 2019 VND51 billion. These numbers demonstrate efforts of rural industrial enterprises to bring their products to market.

The food and beverage industry for many years has been one of the important economic sectors and also a potential of Vietnam economy. In terms of production value, this industry gained the largest production value and the second-largest total revenue among Vietnam's economic sectors. However, to be able to build prestige and conquer markets not only at home and abroad, enterprises in this industry also need to grasp the movement as well as major trends to get ready in terms of products and approach. Luong Ngoc Van, Director of Truong Tho Production-Trading Company (Ben Cat Town), said that among many commonly applied solutions, investment in machinery innovation, modernization of production technology is the key solution. If businesses regularly renew their machinery and equipment, production technology, it is possible to improve product quality, reduce production costs...

Improvement of product quality combined with lowering selling prices will increase product competitiveness on the market. At the provincial excellent rural industrial products' vote 2020, among 18 products of agricultural, forestry, aquatic processing products and beverages group, Ngoc Mai pineapple tea won a prize. The company's product is one of 27 products nominated by Binh Duong province to the southern regional competition.

Support for businesses

Exclusively for industrial fan production, Thanh Danh Dat Company has more than 300 customers that have been using industrial centrifugal fans and ventilators for their factories, supermarkets, hospitals, high-rise condominiums, farms...

To this company, the project to support the application of advanced machinery in manufacturing and processing mechanical products" is essential in the context of current labor scarcity. This support helps the company to favorably apply advanced machines into production, improve automation rate, use materials and fuel efficiently, and generate beautiful and diverse products. "We used to have older bending machines, needed 3 persons to operate, took a lot of time to finish but had many errors in production process. After investing in new machines, adjustment time and inspection time is shortened, labor is reduced, and products reach high accuracy, contribute to creating beautiful products for customers.

At Truong Tho Company, raw tea is purchased from famous tea growing regions in the country, such as: Lam Dong, Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang... Then the company sifted impurities and marinated through some stages to have pineapple tea according to customers' requirements. Previously, when the company did not invest in a packaging machine, the company had to pack manually, workers had to weigh tea and put it into the manual packaging machine, requiring a lot of labor and time, but having low productivity, products did not have the same exact quantity, especially food hygiene and safety was not guaranteed.

After investing in a new machine, the packaging stage saves 50-60% of labor, because the machine has 10 pre-installed quantitative scales. Workers do not have to weigh manually, thereby increasing accuracy, saving time, improving product safety and hygiene, creating cleaner products by not having to do it manually, significantly reducing production costs, reducing product price, heightening the competitiveness of products on the market.

More specifically, after a long time affected by covid-19 epidemic, the financial support from the industrial promotion program is a new breath of air strengthening enterprises, supporting enterprises in recovering production activities.

Reported by Tieu My - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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