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Be proactive and ready for the high school graduation exam in 2020

Update: 05-08-2020 | 11:18:22

An unprecedented examination was held in August, before the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic. At the Government's online conference on disease prevention and control Covid-19, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) proposed to organize a high school graduation exam for 2020. The first round were provinces, If the city is not in high risk, it will be carried out according to the plan. Therefore, Binh Duong will organize the exam in the first phase. The education and training sector shall coordinate with the concerned departments and branches in best preparing the conditions and ensuring a safe examination in the situation of new disease outbreaks.

Health workers spray disinfectant at Vo Minh Duc High School (Thu Dau Mot City)

Ready for a safe exam

To ensure the health and safety for candidates (candidates) and officers performing the high school graduation exam, the Department of Education and Training has calculated the implementation of measures to prevent and control Covid-19 diseases as recommended by the Ministry of Health. . Measures to prevent and control diseases that have been taken by the industry in the past are: Measuring students' body temperature (HS), washing hands with soap or disinfectant solution, wearing masks on the way to and from school. home. At this graduation exam, the above measures continue to be implemented.

In high school graduation exams, there is always the cooperation of departments and branches, the graduation exam in 2020, again the relevant units continue to work with the education and training industry. Accordingly, in the afternoon of August 2, the Department of Education and Training, the Department of Health and the Provincial Youth Union discussed the organization of measuring body temperature for candidates during the days of high school graduation exam 2020. Demonstrating responsibility in the exam. In the near future, the Department of Health will send medical staff to participate in guiding body temperature measurement at high school test sites in the province. The measurement of body temperature is assigned to the Youth Union. The test sites in collaboration with the relay team of the provincial Youth Union make a dividing line for pedestrians and bicyclists, motorcycles, motorbikes at the school gate. At each test site, there is a mandatory notice that all candidates and members taking the high school exam in 2020 wear masks, body temperature and handwash.

Mr. Pham Anh Dung, Deputy Head of the Department of Politics, Thought and Legislation, Department of Education and Training, said: “The measurement of body temperature is to check the health of candidates before entering the exam. However, in order not to affect the psychology of the candidates, the examination steering committee directed the heads and deputy test scores to prepare enough electronic body temperature gauges, handing over to the team captain to relay the exam season to perform a measurement of body temperature. The test sites coordinate with local functional forces such as police, militia ... to stabilize security and order in front of the school gate, ensuring good performance in measuring body temperature ".

Toward a safe exam in the epidemic season, the Department of Education and Training has directed the exam sites equipped with hand washing sinks, hand washing solutions or disinfectant soap for candidates. Up to the present time, the test sites have been fully equipped, ensuring the requirements of health protection for examination workers and doctors

In this high school graduation exam season, Thu Dau Mot City continues to accompany the students in deploying volunteer squads to support the exam season. Talking with us, Mr. Nguyen Minh Tam, Secretary of the Youth Union shared: “Because of the situation of Covid-19 epidemic, there were not many people, so this year there were 10-20 volunteer soldiers each. At each test site, the team was divided into 2 groups, the support group distributed spring water, cold towels, motorbike taxi; The remaining group supports to prevent and control diseases. In addition, the Union has mobilized benefactors 2,500 masks to give to those who have not equipped masks when going to the exam ”. According to the plan, the volunteer team will divide into 4-5 rows to perform tasks such as: Support for measuring body temperature, instructing candidates to wash their hands, reminders to wear a mask and distribute masks, water, and support to candidates.

Health involved

To ensure that the test takes place safely during the Covid-19 epidemic season, the health centers of the districts, towns and cities where the test sites are organized have a plan to conduct disinfection spraying of all test points in the province. This year's exam in Thu Dau Mot has 6 high school graduation exam points. According to the Thu Dau Mot City Medical Center, in 2 days 5 and 6-8, medical staff will perform disinfection spraying on the exam campus, all exam rooms.

In Da An City, this year 3 schools were selected as high school graduation exam scores. According to the leader of the Medical Center, the unit is currently preparing personnel to serve the high school graduation exam in 2020. Accordingly, the Medical Center has set up a full-time health care team at test sites, carry out first aid, check food safety and hygiene in the shops around the test site; Medical staff also helped guide volunteer soldiers to take candidates temperature measurements before each exam.

In other districts, towns and cities such as: Thuan An City, Tan Uyen Town, Phu Giao District, Ben Cat Town, Ben Cat District, Dau Tieng District, all medical centers have plans to implement disinfection spray, close to coincide at all test points, ensuring the school is clean, free of pathogens, helping candidates have a good mentality in the days of the high school graduation exam in 2020.

Reported by Anh Sang – Translated by Vi Bao

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