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Be ready for the "Spring Journey" in 2020

Update: 12-01-2020 | 16:14:02

 By this time, the preparation for "Spring Journey"program 2020 was completed and ready to take employees to their home welcoming New Year. That is the affirmation of Ong Thụy Hoàng Mai, Vice Chairwoman of Provincial Labor Federation.

To achieve this result, two months earlier, grassroots trade unions collaborated with company leaders to publicly select typical employees having special difficult circumstances. Specifically, a selected employee must achieve the title of excellent union member, who has worked at the enterprise for 3 years or more, his/her family suffered severe damages due to natural disasters, floods; the employee suffers from a labor accident with a working capacity loss of 31% or more... This year, the program is directly supported 100% ticket price and snacks throughout the journey by provincial Labor Confederation and grassroots-level trade unions. In this program, there are more than 100 businesses, who sponsored bus tickets for about 20,000 workers to their hometowns on Tet holiday.

The"Spring Journey" program organized by Provincial Labor Confederation in the last 10 years, has presented more than 20,000 bus tickets to workers with total expense of more than VND 25 billion; encouraged enterprises to support bus tickets, transportations for more than 97,000 workers with total expense of more than VND 90 billion. During 10 years, the province also gave 70,861 gifts with a total amount of over VND 34.2 billion to migrant workers having difficult circumstances in Binh Duong on Tet holidays.

Reported by Hoang Kim - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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