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Binh Duong countryside heading to advancement and modeling

Update: 03-03-2021 | 18:32:11

Binh Duong set a target to be recognized by 2025 of completion of building new countryside that 50% of the communes will reach the standards of newly improved rural areas and 10% of communes meet the standards of new and model rural areas with essential infrastructure works to ensure connectivity and continuity. The quality of life of rural residents will be improved as per capita income will increase at least 1.8 times from 2020.

High-tech application model into agricultural production has been multiplied in localities

Maintaining and sustaining Binh Duong's new rural construction program have been on very creative steps, powered by the original policy of not following the form but focusing on the quality, the new rural program of the province has been firmly on the right track.

By the determination of the party committees and authorities at all levels and the consensus of the people, the province's new rural construction program has brought about positive results to extend a pervasive effect on the development of rural areas, at the same time, affirmation of the correct policy of Binh Duong provincial Party Committee in diverting concentrated investments into agricultural and rural development in addition to industrial, commercial and service development in a bid to continue improving the material and spiritual life of local people. The highlight in the implementation of new rural construction in Binh Duong is that no outstanding capital construction debt has been incurred. The "sweet fruit" from the program of building a new countryside up to now is that the spiritual and material life of rural people has been increasingly improved. Income per capita in new rural communes by 2020 reached VND 60 million per person per year.

In addition, the industrial sector in the rural areas has been developed strongly to form industrial zones, clusters, and urban areas such as VSIP 2, Bau Bang, and Nam Tan Uyen to promote economic restructuring in rural areas in the direction of increasing the proportion of industry and services and reducing the proportion of agriculture. Pham Van Bong, Director of Binh Duong provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that in order to maintain and improve the quality of the achieved criteria, Binh Duong provincial People's Committee issued a new set of advanced and model rural commune criteria. At the same time, they continue to invest into building rural infrastructure in accordance with the orientation and roadmap for socio-economic development of districts and towns while ensuring efficiency and savings.

To integrate capital sources and prioritize investments into urgent projects such as clean water supply, wastewater treatment, environmental protection, medical facilities, cultural works, and schools. In parallel with the new construction and continual improvement and embellishment of traffic , green trees, and environmental landscape in rural residential areas to build a civilized, green, and clean living environment heading towards a new, civilized, modern and wealthy countryside.

Focus on quality

In the 2021-2025, Binh Duong sets a target of maintaining and sustaining the results of the communes meeting the new rural standards of the previous period; of promoting new advanced and modeling rural areas. In the new post-new rural stage, the orientation will be to develop stably and sustainably, heading gradually towards new, rich, civilized and modern countryside. In which, the most important goal is to improve income and quality of life of residents, helping them to get rich. In the construction of new, model-level countryside, many localities excel, but some localities have been under re-evaluation as some criteria of them are not stable. In particular, there still exist a number of limitations such as a large, beautiful, well-invested cultural houses not yet exploited effectively and a number of inadequate criteria that need to be supplemented and adjusted.

Despite facing many difficulties and challenges in the realization of new goals, the localities are still devoting to fulfill their tasks in the spirit of attaching importance to quality over quantity. Nguyen Van Thuong, Deputy Chairman of People's Committee of Bau Bang district, said the highlight in building new countryside in the district is to increase income and reduce the rate of poor households according to multi-dimensional standards in the communes. The focus must be on effectively implementation of the project of restructuring the agricultural sector towards valuable chain integration and sustainable development. The crop structure towards the production of goods associated with the market and in accordance with the local soil conditions continue to be changed to increase the area of ​​crops and fruit of high economic efficiency. On the other hand, the application of scientific and technological advances to agricultural production is stepped up in order to increase the value per unit of cultivated area.

Tran Van Phuong, Deputy Chairman of Bac Tan Uyen district People's Committee, shared that besides investments in infrastructure construction, the district has always been prioritizing investments into developing production models and increasing income for people as a fulcrum to perform other criteria. On that basis, the district has created all favorable conditions for economic organizations and households to invest in the development of farm economic models, citrus orchards, and agricultural models of high technology application to help people stabilize their lives. The district continues to implement agricultural development planning in the area and apply technological processes to production models to accelerate the process of restructuring the agricultural - rural economy in the direction of improvement by the proportion of the product value of the livestock industry and increment in commodity agricultural products that belongs to the district's advantage.

On the other hand, mobilization of all resources from all economic sectors together with the State to invest in the development of economic fields in rural areas is focused on. Along with that, the promotion of the application of scientific, technical and technological advances, especially water-saving irrigation technologies and biotechnology in the conversion of plants and animals and environmental protection are stepped up. Investments in the development of post-harvest technology and agricultural product processing technology are called for. Introduction of new varieties, plants and animals to replace old ones in order to increase productivity and implementation of agricultural and rural industrialization and modernization are focused.

Reported by Thoai Phuong – Translated by Vi Bao

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