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Binh Duong develops technology and environmental-friendly buses

Update: 12-08-2019 | 11:57:46

The project "Improving the quality of public passenger transport by buses in Binh Duong province in the period of 2018-2019" has been approved by the province with the aim of developing the public passenger transport network, creating facilities that are comfortable for customers with good quality, civilized and environmentally friendly. On 8-8, the operation of the first bus route of the project marked the province's commitment to complete infrastructure, including the development of transport and transport services. Public guests by bus follow modern technology, using clean and environmentally friendly fuel.

Mr. Tran Thanh Liem (3rd from right), Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee directly experienced on a technology-friendly bus that was newly put into operation by Phuc Gia Khang Co., Ltd. Binh Duong - Dong Xoai route (Binh Phuoc province). Photo: Minh Duy

Expectation of bus generation of the 4th technology revolution

In recent years, along with the speed of socio-economic development, Binh Duong has accelerated the pace of urban development. In particular, the creation of convenient living, travel of people, public passenger transport services by modern bus facilities are focused by the province, to connect urban areas in the province and surrounding areas. . This is an important criterion to be achieved so that the province will become a first-class urban center, step by step building a smart urban center in association with the Binh Duong Smart City Scheme.

Mr. Tran Thanh Liem, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, said the introduction of the second technology bus route after Becamex-Tokyu bus route is in the plan to build a smart city of Binh Duong. The project "Improving the quality of public passenger transport by buses in Binh Duong province" was assigned by the Provincial People's Committee to the Department of Transport and Transport to implement, along with loan support policies. Thereby, to mobilize public transport enterprises to boldly convert new cars, use clean and environmentally friendly technologies and fuels to serve passengers safely, conveniently and civilized. . The provincial People's Committee also has a policy to support ticket prices for people, students and students in the province ... The province wants people to actively participate in bus transportation to contribute to reducing the load of personal vehicles. Current transportation routes.

It can be said that, more than 10 years of establishing a public passenger transport network by bus in Binh Duong has actively contributed to the policy of reducing individual means of transport, reducing pollution and reducing traffic congestion in the locality. table, meeting the travel needs of people in and outside the province. However, the use of diesel engines by buses, after many years of degradation, has made the service quality unsuitable for passengers; At the same time, the degradation status of hundreds of vehicles involved in transporting passengers on bus routes using diesel engines becomes "pollution" problems on the streets as well as civilized urban beauty - clean.

This degradation makes many people "turn their backs" from the above means. That is one of the reasons that the project "Improving the quality of public passenger transport by buses in Binh Duong province" has been approved by the province on July 11th.

Mr. Tran Ba ​​Luan, Director of the Department of Transportation and Transport, said the goal of developing a public transport system by bus in the province is from the point of view "convenient for passengers, good quality, written smart and environmentally friendly ”. The Department has actively advised the Provincial People's Committee to implement the project in the direction of reasonable development of the number and types of public passenger transport in general and buses in particular in the province in the direction of modernity and convenience. Comfort, meeting technical standards of safety, energy saving and environmental friendliness; At the same time, improving the efficiency of using the infrastructure system to serve bus activities, contributing to improving the quality of public passenger service by bus in the province.

"The roadmap for implementing the project by 2020, the province will support loans for enterprises to convert and invest in about 130 new buses to replace. The total investment capital for this conversion is nearly VND 245 billion, in which the province supports loans for businesses more than VND 195 billion, ”Mr. Luan said.

Business is excited, people expect

Phuc Gia Khang Co., Ltd is one of the 12-year enterprises involved in serving public passenger transport by bus in Binh Duong. Mr. Nguyen Trung Doan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, excitedly said that thanks to the project approved by the Provincial People's Committee, the company has invested all 25 new bus heads, officially opened and put into operation. On the bus stop of the provincial bus station - Dong Xoai city (Binh Phuoc province) has a roadmap of 90km. Vehicles fully use clean, environmentally friendly fuel. The total investment value of the vehicles is VND 44,750 billion, of which 80% of the capital supported by the provincial Development Fund is granted in 7 years.

In addition to using clean fuels, the entire management, operation, pick-up and drop-off systems and charges of Phuc Gia Khang Co., Ltd. are equipped with smart technology, contributing to increasing transparency, publicity and utility for passengers during the travel process. “In the coming time, we will issue magnetic cards, prepay and deduct gradually for passengers who often move. Private passengers will be granted temporary cards by the company when they board. Through the system will locate, locate guests up and down to the company to calculate the exact fee," Doan said.

In the future, the company's bus line will no longer have ticket sales staff on the car but only the driver operating with the smart system equipped on the car. All data of external and internal camera cameras are stored, through the system to help businesses manage and operate better; Passengers can participate in online suggestions, evaluate service quality.

"We are also speeding up the progress of building applications to put on the App Store on the smartphone platform so that people and passengers can download the application to the phone. From this application, when there is a need, customers can see where the pickup vehicle is so they can move and pick up the car on time. The operation of bus technology 4.0 requires high precision, punctuality. Therefore, the bus route from Dong Nai Bus Station to Dong Xoai will increase from 50 to 90 trips,” Doan added.

Mr. Nguyen Van An, from Thu Dau Mot City - often takes a bus, sharing the feeling of traveling on the bus technology 4.0, he is very reassured, because the charge is calculated publicly and transparently. The riders are charged the right distance of the travel route to pay the freight without being disadvantaged compared to the "distance" calculation method from the charging staff as before.

Reported by Minh Duy – Translated by Vi Bao

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