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Binh Duong fine art turns towards national sea and islands

Update: 02-01-2020 | 15:51:02

Patriotism, courage of people living offshore are always an infinite source of emotion and inspiration for Binh Duong artists. Whether painting or sculpture art, composing according to classical or modern trends, the artists focus on praising the natural beauty and the people on distant islands to claim the sovereignty over sea and islands of the Fatherland.

Delegates enjoy artworks of Binh Duong

 Artworks of Binh Duong painters and sculptors encompass the patriotism of artists. Talking about the topic of sea and islands in artworks, Master Nguyen Van Quy, President of Vietnam Fine Arts Association in Binh Duong, said that the works of Binh Duong artists were strong in emotion with diverse expressions and various topics. In particular, the topic of protecting the sacred sovereignty of sea and islands is regularly utilised by artists...

Most artworks that won high prizes at art competitions and exhibitions inside and outside the province are about national sea and islands. In “Mắt thần biển Đông”, “Chân lý Việt Nam tất thắng” by painter Trương Bửu Sinh, naval soldiers with enlighten eyes are patrolling, guarding, and ready to fight. This work was drawn with iron pens with soaring, firm and lively rhythms. The waves are calm, sometimes intense, and incarnate the determination to submerge all enemy forces. “Mắt thần biển Đông” won the first prize of Binh Duong Fine Arts Exhibition in 2011.

Sculptor Nguyen Hung Viet's “Cây phong ba” is a work born by understanding the harshness of nature to all existences on remote islands. They are tenaciously cling to the islands, facing storms of the ocean, and proliferate. Embracing strong emotions, he blew a soul into a rough tree root and turned it into a vibrant “Cây phong ba” and received a C-prize at the 7th Regional Exhibition 2013. In addition to “Cây phong ba”, Nguyễn Hùng Việt also has “Bám biển”, “Cá đảo" as artworks to remind people of the impresriptable national sovereignty over sea and islands as Uncle Ho's teachings.

To keep thinking about the sacred sovereignty over sea and islands in his creation process, artist Nguyễn Văn Quý composed: “Niềm lạc quan” in 2014, “Làm theo lời Bác” in 2015, “Bám biển” and “Chung tay giữ gìn biển đảo” in 2016. With an innovative lacquer material the idea of this work “Niềm lạc quan” shows the life of border soldiers is difficult and dangerous, but they are always optimistic and perform well their duty of protecting the sea and sacred island. The work “Chung tay giữ gìn biển đảo” won a C-prize of Huynh Van Nghe Award in 2016.

Along with the campaign to create and communicate literary and artistic works about "Studying and following Ho Chi Minh's moral example", through their artworks, Binh Duong artists have been really soldiers on their own front. The artists demonstrates artist-soldier spirit to promote their creative capacity, create more beautiful artistic artworks that convey love, aspiration for peace and national pride in protecting the sacred sovereignty over the sea and islands; imbued with teachings of the beloved Uncle Ho.

 Reported by Thuc Van - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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