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Binh Duong honored 1 out of 21 model strategic smart city development in the world in 3 consecutive years

Update: 26-02-2021 | 12:44:18

In the framework of the Smart21 Workshop of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) taking place from February 22-25 online, co-organized by the city of Macle Ridge and Langley town, British Columbia, Canada. Online connection to ICF headquarters in New York City (USA) and other cities around the world, in the morning of February 25 (Vietnamese time), ICF announced a list of 21 cities and regions of typical smart city development strategies in the world.

Binh Duong (the only locality in Vietnam) for the third time in a row was honored on the list. The result affirmed that the smart city development direction has been in correct orientation in line with the world trend of Binh Duong. According to the announcement, the Smart21 community of 2021 include Binh Duong (Vietnam) and other regions and cities of the United States, Canada, Brazil, UK, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and Northern Ireland. This has been the third consecutive time that Binh Duong has been voted as one of 21 cities and regions of the world's typical smart city development strategies.

Previously, in October 2018, Binh Duong was the first locality in Vietnam to achieve Smart21 and officially became a member of ICF. In October 2019, Binh Duong was honored as one of the cities of the world's typical smart city development strategies for the second time in a row. Binh Duong's joining ICF and 3 consecutive years of being in the Smart 21 are of great significance to continue to make breakthroughs in socio-economic development, affirming the effectiveness of province's smart city development orientation in line with the global trend. The result also contributes to elevate Binh Duong to a new position in the international arena and opens up opportunities for collaboration and exchange of experiences with ICF's network of more than 180 prosperous smart cities worldwide. Confidence of investors and enterprises is consolidated and increased to make a breakthrough in attracting foreign investment in the new stage. High-quality human resources from institutes and schools around the world are attracted and, at the same time, become the foundation for the development of commerce – service and high-tech production in the future.

Since 2016, Binh Duong province has determined to implement the Smart City Project, following ICF's approach and set of criteria with the participation of many domestic and foreign organizations and enterprises, of which the most typical is Becamex IDC Corporation. Thereby, it has helped the province transform rapidly and achieve great socio-economic successes during the past years.

Reported by Phuong Le – Translated by Vi Bao

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