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Binh Duong is all-out for the middle land of Vietnam

Update: 21-10-2020 | 15:48:12

In the past days, the whole nation is heading to the people in middle land of Vietnam being havocked by storms and floods. Following the national movements, Binh Duong provincial authority has organized various drives calling for donation to help them recover from those days of hardship.

Mazu Goddess Temple management of Thu Dau Mot city hands over VND 300 million to help people in the middle land of Vietnam to Binh Duong provincial Vietnamese Fatherland Front Committee

Heading to the middle land of Vietnam

To assist and help people of provinces in the middle land of Vietnam get through the effects of storms and floods and mitigate threats to their lives, health, and earnings as well as social order and security. BInh Duong provincial Red Cross called upon all-level associations to ask their members to donate to help people in the middle land of Vietnam.

Nguyen Thi Le Trinh, Chairwoman of Binh Duong provincial Red Cross informed that the benevolent actions need promoting to mobilize all resources for people in the middle land of Vietnam to get through harsh situations.

“On this occasion, our donation drive shall last through December 12, 2020. On such basis, we shall forward the donation to locals being affected or via central Vietnamese Red Cross to allocate to the provinces in the middle land. Upholding the kind-hearted actions, we are hopeful to call for active donation from enterprises, agencies, units, donors and people strata to help people get through their times of hardship,” said Trinh.

Across the nation emerges the movement of calling for donation to head to the middle land being havocked by storms and floods, leaving great burdens on all aspects of local daily lives. In the past days, Dong Huu Dat, manager of Sen Vang charity group in Thu Dau Mot city has actively called for donation to share with locals of the middle land. He informed that coordination with organizations, units, enterprises and other charity groups to hand donation to people living deep in the flooding areas.

It is expected that by the beginning of November, the program of offering 1,000 to 2,000 packages of VND 500-700,000 to people at Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province and Duy Xuyen district and Dai Lo district of Quang Nam province.

Dat said: “Currently, we have proactively called for all resources. Aside from cash, we expect to receive other necessities such as coats, flashlights, vitamin, blankets, etc. The more we gain from donation, the more we will give to those areas of heaviest effects.”

Sharing of love

Nguyen Van Loc, member of Standing Board and Head of Mass Mobilization of Provincial Party Committee informed that at the 11th Party Congress of 2020-2025 tenure, we have asked for permission of donating to people in the middle land of Vietnam. By our initiation, we have strongly donated to the drive and get VND 2 billion 360 million, of the amount, Becamex Corporation donated VND 2 billion.

Promoting the tradition of sharing and help, Binh Duong provincial Vietnamese Fatherland Front Committee has called upon agencies, units, localities, economic organizations, enterprises, units, working people and the public to join up the share to people in areas affected by storms and floods. Initially, organizations, units, enterprises, and individuals have donated VND 5 billion. Mazu Goddess Temple manage board donated VND 300 million.

“We shall call for enterprises, people, and the public to donate along with regular report on Binh Duong Television and Binh Duong Newspaper as a tribute to donors,” Loc said.

On October 19, provincial Party Committee accepted decisions on donation to people affected in the middle land of Vietnam as per suggestion of Nguyen Van Loc who also informed of the extraction of VND 3 billion from local rescue and relief fund to 5 provinces of the middle land, namely Thua Thien Hue, VND 1 billion and VND 500 million to Quang Tri, Quang Binh, Quang Nam, and Ha Tinh.

Promoting the tradition of help, Binh Duong provincial people are heading to the middle land of Vietnam by sharing their yields and love.

Reported by Hong Thuan – Translated by Vi Bao

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