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Binh Duong Provincial Businesswomen’s Association - A place that spreads kindness

Update: 22-10-2019 | 11:09:26

The year 2019 marks 15 years with many meaningful activities of Binh Duong Provincial Businesswomen’s Association (BDBA). With a voluntary spirit to share experience in production and business, in building a happy family, they join hands, contribute to social charity work, helping many unlucky lives.

To be beautiful flowers

Pham Thi Thu An, ambassador of "Pearl Heart" project. This is also her heart for unfortunate fate and circumstances. She once said, because she had gone through a period of more than 30 years of struggling with hardships and worries, she understood the suffering of poverty. Now, she wants to find joy from charity work, want to go to many places, especially those where there are many difficulties, because there are still many women and children who need help.

Indeed, the image of Ms. An friendly giving gifts to the poor is familiar to many locals. It is sometimes a house of gratitude, a home of love, scholarships for poor students, gifts to poor children. Currently, the project "Pearl Hearts" with her ambassador disbursed $1 million on poor women and children.

It is known that in BDBA has not only Ms. An but also many businesswomen with the same kindness and desire to help the poor. They are good at business, perform well the responsibility of entrepreneurs towards the community, the less fortunate lives.

15 years ago (2004), BDBA was established as Female Business Owners’ Club. Over 15 years, the club was not only a gathering place, proving the bravery of women who are good at economic management, operating production and business, but also a meeting place of compassionate hearts. The footsteps of businesswomen went to all roads in and outside the province to hand over every kilogram of rice, every house, and connect compassionate hearts together... In 2019, the amount of money for charity activities has reached nearly VND3.4 billion.

Turning towards poor women

One of the outstanding activities of BDBA is building a home for poor women and workers. Many houses have been presented. BDBA members are all happy as motivating poor women to better their lives, not only about escaping poverty but also finding a way to get rich.

That is the case of Pham Thi Thu Nga (Tan An Ward, Thu Dau Mot City). Her family is a poor household, her husband works as a construction worker, and she works as a seasonal worker with unstable income. It is difficult for them to earn daily meals, education for their children. Knowing her difficult situation, in 2018, BDBA provided her with VND 50 million to build a new house with an area of ​​over 37m2, worth VND62 million. With this new spacious house, the couple has more and more motivation to rise up. Ms. Nga said: “Due to the support from BDBA, my family now has a stable life. Although my family is not quite well-off, our lives are sufficient, no longer worry about unfavorable weather anymore...”

In Mekong Delta region, swinging bamboo bridges have come into poetry and memory of many people. But this is also a limitation in the economic development process of this region. Because goods transportation is very difficult, the transportation cost of rice grains, seafood, fruits from gardens to markets is very high, when road and bridge system is still restricted. Therefore, for many years, BDBA has spent a part of their fund on building bridges, creating favorable conditions for transportation. Every year, a few rural bridges are built, replacing bamboo bridges...

Furthermore, the charity journeys of BDBA also have free medical checks, giving scholarships t poor students, gifts to the elderly ... Although the material value is sometimes not so big, there is always wholeheartedness towards the poor, unfortunate lives.

Reported by Thu Thao – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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