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Binh Duong Tax Department to promptly deploy solutions to support taxpayers

Update: 09-04-2020 | 19:09:42

Following the Government's and local guidelines and solutions, the Provincial Tax Department is working hard to support taxpayers in the Covid-19 epidemic. Around this issue, Mr. Nguyen Minh Tam, Director of Provincial Tax Department, had an interview with Binh Duong Newspaper correspondent.

Officials of the Provincial Tax Department are inventorying and reviewing the number of businesses affected by the Covid-19 epidemic

- How do you evaluate the situation of Covid-19 disease affecting production and business activities (production and business) in the province?

- The Covid-19 epidemic became more and more complicated and directly impacted on production and business activities of enterprises (enterprises) and individual households in the area, especially taxpayers operating in various fields and industries. : Textile and garment, leather shoes, wood production, transportation, tourism, services ... Enterprises have difficulty in production materials, so they have to operate in moderation and rotation in using labor to maintain production and business activities and retain workers. For individual business households in industries such as transportation, catering, accommodation, and non-essential service business activities, most of them cease operation or operate in moderation due to the implementation of the isolation policy of the whole society to limit the spread of disease.

- It is known that the Ministry of Finance has just submitted to the Government a draft decree to extend the deadline for paying taxes and land rents to support businesses and people directly affected by the disease. Before the decree was passed, how did the provincial Tax Department support to solve difficulties for enterprises?

- Before the decree was approved and implemented, in order to remove difficulties for businesses and taxpayers in the area, the Department of Taxation has implemented a number of solutions such as directing the whole industry to continue promoting reforms to modernize the tax system, simplify tax administrative procedures, maintain good tax declaration, payment, electronic tax refund and e-invoice services.

Along with that, the tax industry maintains and ensures a transparent information technology system 24/7 to support taxpayers to fulfill their obligations from registration, declaration, payment and refund of e-tax. need to go directly to the tax authorities, minimize the time to carry out procedures to create favorable conditions for taxpayers to fulfill their obligations to the State budget. Besides, following the general policy of the industry, the provincial Tax Department instructs the whole sector to closely review taxpayers 'tax declaration dossiers before inspecting and examining taxpayers' offices and not organizing periodic inspection in 2020 for businesses showing signs of violation. After the review, the Provincial Tax Department will report to the General Department of Taxation to adjust the inspection plan in 2020.

- As an industrial development locality, many industries affected by epidemics, what are the tax sector's proposals to create favorable conditions for taxpayers, sir?

- In the common difficult conditions of enterprises, the Provincial Tax Department proposed the province to have policies to support workers who lose their jobs, or discontinue jobs because enterprises stop working to create favorable conditions for workers in life during an epidemic. At the same time, the province has a policy to extend bank debt, reduce interest rates to support businesses to solve difficulties due to stalled production and business. We also advise and suggest that the province propose to the Central Government a fixed tax exemption in April, May and June 2020 for households doing business directly affected by epidemics such as transportation, food and drink, travel, and accommodation services.

- How will policies of tax extension, tax payment extension be implemented, sir?

- Immediately after the Government's decree on extending the deadline for paying taxes and land rents takes effect, the Provincial Tax Department will proactively inform the business community, taxpayers know and follow up to implement. Directing the whole sector to coordinate with the provincial Radio and Television Station, Binh Duong Newspaper, localities and units concerned to propagate and widely disseminate the contents of the decree to ensure all taxpayers know and practice to show up. In addition, we put the content of the Government's decree on extension of tax payment and land rent on the industry's information page for taxpayers to know and implement. Accordingly, the tax industry has conducted a statistical review of all taxpayers eligible for extension of tax payment and land rent in accordance with regulations in order to promptly solve difficulties in production and business activities under the general policy. At the same time, well organize the reception and processing of dossiers of application for extension of tax payment and land rent to the tax agencies at all levels. We make every effort to minimize the relevant tax procedures so that taxpayers are entitled to the State's tax support policy.

Currently, due to the Covid-19 disease, it has affected the financial situation of many businesses and individual businesses doing business in the area, resulting in the effect of the arising tax debt. Therefore, the tax industry is implementing many specific solutions to concretize the support policies from the central to local levels, reducing the impact to the lowest level of provincial budget revenues in 2020.

- Thank you Sir!

Interviewed by Thanh Hong – Translated by Vi Bao

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