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Binh Duong youth - New spirit and determination

Update: 10-10-2019 | 11:20:53

After 2 working days in active, serious, democratic manner with high solidarity and sense of responsibility, the 7th Binh Duong Provincial Vietnam Youth Federation Congress, tenure 2019 -2024, completed all contents and program set out with action slogan "Binh Duong youth to pioneer, volunteer, unite, and be creative for Binh Duong development".

The 7th Provincial Vietnam Youth Federation Committee, tenure 2019-2024.

To determine objective

The 7th Congress of Provincial Vietnam Youth Federation, discussed, voted, and agreed on the goals, tasks, and solutions for youth works and movements in tenure 2019-2024. Accordingly, the goal in the new tenure of provincial Youth Federation is to continue vigorously renovating the content and method of all-level organizations to gather and unite widely young people; thereby, well implementing the role of assisting, caring for, and promoting the pioneering role of young people in the building and protecting the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

In addition, Youth Federation of all levels in the province diversify the method of approach young people, mobilizing all social resources to educate, orient, equip life skills, vocational skills, career, and law observance of young people; at the same time, encourage the youth to constantly study, train, and cultivate morals, lifestyle, pioneer in all fields, contribute to the socio-economic development of the province and the country.

The congress also identified programs and projects of the new tenure, including: to cooperating with Department of Science and Technology to organize activities to support young entrepreneurs; continue to implement the project "To unite, gather young workers, period 2016-2020"; the project "Provincial Youth Counseling, Support and Development Office, 2016-2020" was also approved. On the other hand, in 2019-2024, Provincial Youth Federation will expand effective models, lessons learned in the past tenure, and continue the movement "I love my Fatherland", youth supporting program and the program "Building a strong Vietnam Youth Federation".

Building beautiful images of young people

The success of this congress encouraged Provincial Youth Federation all levels, union officials, members, and young people in the province to enter a new working term. The tasks set forth in the coming time require the collective of Youth Federation to unite and put more effort with high determination and responsible spirit to successfully fulfill the objectives.

Mr. Dat said: “Right after the congress, every elite delegate returned to their locality, brought these contents and spirit to their members. Young ones should continue to train and strive to build a beautiful image of dynamic, creative Binh Duong youth in learning, working, and be proactively in the integration and development process. All-level organizations should organize well the dissemination of congress resolutions to officials, members, and young people; join hands to perform specific and practical tasks, create a strong change in youth works and movement in the province right from the beginning of this tenure”.

The congress respectfully called on all members and young people to strive to uphold the glorious tradition of Vietnam Youth Federation and patriotism, the will of self-reliance and not being afraid of hardships; always learning, practicing, actively pioneering, and taking part in building socio-economic development of the province.

Reported by Kim Tuyen – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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