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Building technology foundation for a smart city

Update: 11-03-2019 | 09:41:07

According to experts, basically, smart city is a city model that applies information technology and artificial intelligence to manage and improve urban life standards and improve the quality of its services. City rights and effective use of energy resources and natural resources. With the development of the 4.0 industrial revolution today, the selection of a technology platform to build a smart city is advantageous and a leading factor for smart city operation.

Experts affirmed that building an innovative ecosystem contributes to providing technological solutions for the deployment of smart city construction. In the photo: Research activities of students at Fablab Center of Eastern International University. Photo: Hoang Pham

Create a comprehensive technology system

Experts say smart cities (or smart cities) as an overall organic system connected from multiple component systems to the artificial intelligence system can behave like children. people, including digital telecommunications networks (nerves), intelligent embedded systems (brain), sensors (senses) and software (mental and cognitive) to improve quality of life, improve service quality of the city government, while reducing energy consumption, effective management of natural resources.

Sharing at the recent Conference on Architectural Development for Binh Duong Smart City, Mr. Madhu Dharmarajan, representative of HPE Asia-Pacific Company, said that the basic and comprehensive technology for the main smart city is the internet of fascinating things (Internet of Things - IoT). This technology serves to develop applications, connect and operate smart city management. With IoT system, we can apply in areas such as waste management, urban management, transportation, response in emergency situations, smart shopping and so on.

According to Bosch Vietnam representative, a leading provider of technology and services in the world, Bosch Group (Germany) is using IoT platform to build cities in the future to develop sustainably, steaming Lead and full of life. Bosch pursued this vision in the Vietnamese market by pioneering to provide solutions for smart cities. In order to build a smart city, Binh Duong must first complete telecommunications infrastructure and databases because in order to operate IoT, there must be a large data base, creating "communication" and "fast" in during operation.

Dr. Sang Keon Lee, Korea Institute of Settlement Research, said that the operation of a smart city requires data exchange between units to provide appropriate management and operation measures from time to time points, each cycle and solving emerging problems. It is very important to put private data on the common data system, so countries and localities building smart cities also need to pay attention to network security issues. In this regard, the assistant professor - Ph.D. Nam Nam, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, also said that for smart cities, technology is very important; must master the new technology to improve and operate technology according to the actual situation. Although the locality has good data, diverse but technology for data retrieval, data processing is inadequate, it still causes congestion for handling and operation. Therefore, the selection of technology, construction of telecommunications infrastructure in building smart cities is very important.

Perfecting the ecosystem of innovation

According to experts, no matter how advanced and modern the technology lacks creative elements, not close to reality, the technology cannot be deployed and applied. Experts attending the smart city dialogue sessions in the framework of the 2018 Asian Economic Cooperation Forum (Horasis) held in Binh Duong emphasized that building smart cities, in addition to technology, also need to focus on innovation ecosystems. Binh Duong has built a smart city that must also perform these activities well.

Mr. Matteo Vezzosi, Senior Sales Manager of NXP Semiconductors (Netherlands), said that with IoT system, we can apply it to the fields. For example, we take surveillance cameras as an example, it can automatically transmit traffic status information to another system that is able to give immediate suggestions to drivers in the area needs to switch to another route. Other transport systems such as railways, subways or airways ... are already connected in a city or an area, even within a country that can adjust and improve their efficiency in a suitable way. Therefore, technological innovation for practical application is very important.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong, Director of the Department of Science and Technology, said that to promote innovation activities, the department is about to put into operation the Center for Community Initiatives and support start-ups. This center, in addition to creating space for innovation and entrepreneurship support, is also a place to receive community solutions and initiatives for building a smart city in Binh Duong. In addition, the Department continues to promote the activities of experimental laboratories (Fablab) in universities and colleges in the province and at the Center for Community Initiatives and Support for Startups. Along with that, the department will deploy solutions to win prizes from the contest of smart city construction, hackathon contest to make appropriate adjustments when applied into practice.

In order to create conditions for start-up and innovation, Binh Duong also builds common technology space points for young people to gather and build initiatives for building a smart city of Binh Duong.

Reported by Hoang Pham – Translated by Vi Bao


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