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Culture, sports and tourism department to promote communication on disease prevention and control

Update: 07-08-2020 | 10:41:27

In order to join hands with the province to perform well the prevention of Covid-19 epidemics in the new period, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Culture, Sports and Tourism) has deployed and directed relevant units from the province. to the grassroots to strictly observe the contents of the direction of the Central and the province. Communication and information are also focused on promoting, contributing to raising awareness and responsibility of the people in joining hands to prevent epidemics in the area.

The audience who bought movie tickets at CGV cinema in Dinh market kept the distance as prescribed

To strengthen propaganda

Mr. Le Van Thai, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that the new situation of the Covid-19 epidemic was going very complicatedly, in the direction of the Prime Minister, the central ministries and of the Provincial People's Committee in disease prevention, the Department quickly gave specific instructions to departments, subordinate units, cultural and information offices in districts, towns and cities to be subjective, neglect, and off guard in disease prevention, determined not to let the epidemic return. At the same time, the units continue to strengthen propaganda and information to each person and family members about specific and practical contents in suitable and effective forms for everyone to high initiative, Responsible spirit in promptly notifying local authorities when detecting cases of illegal entry in the community to take strict and timely handling measures. Directive documents of the Central and the Provincial People's Committee on disease prevention are also posted on the website of the Department so that the units can update information accurately and promptly implement the contents of concerned inter-agency direction.

According to our record at historical - cultural relics and museums in the province, the management unit has also strengthened propaganda about Covid-19 disease prevention. In addition to propaganda about preventive measures as recommended by the health sector, the management unit also requires visitors to wear a mask, wash hands with an antiseptic solution before and after the tour.

In localities, the propaganda has also been strengthened by the branch with many forms to convey information that needs to be propagated to the people. Ms. Huynh Phi Nga, Head of Culture and Information Department of Thu Dau Mot City, said that after the City People's Committee held a meeting to deploy the contents of the direction of the Central and the province, the Department of Culture and Sports had actively coordinated with the wards. units in the area to implement related contents. Wards carry out propaganda on radio 3 times a day. In addition, the propaganda for disease prevention of Covid-19 is also carried out on fan pages. Associations and unions in the area also actively propagate in their membership system. The Culture and Sports Department also guides the wards,

Control up

In the new phase of Covid-19 epidemic prevention, the medical declaration for people returning / coming from epidemic areas is very important to help the functional sector timely grasp information to proactively implement measures to control the situation well. Strictly implementing this issue, right from the beginning, the Department of Culture, Sports and DT has asked cadres, civil servants, officials and workers in the industry to come (or return) from Da Nang City, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai in During the period from July 14, 2020, health monitoring, full medical declaration and medical isolation must be implemented under the guidance of the Ministry of Health. The Department also directs the professional division to regularly monitor and grasp the activities in the tourism sector, especially foreign guests staying at hotels and motels in the province. For civil servants working in the building of the Provincial Administration Center,

Particularly for travel service business units bringing tourists to or from provinces with epidemics, the department has asked them to guide visitors to make medical declarations under the guidance of the Ministry of Health. , wear a mask and keep a safe distance of 2 meters from others; Recommend to tourists when returning to the locality should limit travel, avoid crowded contact and contact local medical centers for specific instructions. Requesting the units to provide the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism with a list of groups of tourists or individual customers traveling to localities with suspected Covid-19 infections to return to Binh Duong (from July 1 to 2020), in which the specific schedule must be specified: Means of transport during the program, travel time, accommodation establishments, places of eating and drinking, places of entertainment and entertainment.

For tourist accommodation establishments and tourist resorts and spots in the province, they must guide visitors to make medical declaration according to the guidance of the Ministry of Health and take measures to prevent epidemics to regularly wash hands with antiseptic solution, to wear a mask and take temperature measurements.

As for foreign visitors, it is necessary to ensure all documents certified by a competent Vietnamese agency in accordance with the new regulations to serve. In addition to the above requirements, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has asked the tourism service business units to regularly update the situation, strictly obey the instructions of the Government, the National Steering Committee, the Ministry of Health and the Provincial People's Committee. on disease prevention Covid-19 (in which attention should be paid to the urgent notices No. 15, 16, 17, 18 and subsequent notices of the Ministry of Health related to epidemic prevention) and reactivate the measures , the process of disease prevention and control Covid-19 according to the guiding documents.

Reported by Hong Thuan – Translated by Vi Bao

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