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Dau Tieng District Party Committee: 20 years of construction and growth

Update: 17-08-2019 | 13:14:26

With the spirit of solidarity and tradition of the hero district, in the past 20 years, Dau Tieng Party Committee has continuously promoted its comprehensive leadership role in the fields of politics, economy - culture, society and nation. room - security. Under the leadership of the district Party Committee, the administration and administration of the government, the coordination of the Fatherland Front, unions, especially the efforts and consensus of the people of all classes, Dau Tieng Heroes on now has achieved many proud achievements.

Dau Tieng Administrative Center is invested in a synchronous and spacious manner. Photo: Quoc Chien

Innovation of leadership mode

During the course of 20 years of construction and development, Dau Tieng Party Committee always focused on renewing the Party's leadership according to the Party's resolutions and documents on renewing the political system such as the Conference Resolution Central 5 courses 9 "On innovation and quality improvement of the political system of grassroots communes, wards and towns"; Resolution of the 4 th Central Conference 10 "On renovation, consolidation of organizational apparatus of Party agencies, orientations for renewing the organization of the State apparatus, Fatherland Front and political - social organizations"; Conclusion No. 64-KL / TW, dated 28-5-2013 of the 7th Central Conference of 11th session on "Some issues on continuing to innovate and perfect the political system from the central to grassroots levels", the Decree Resolution of the Central Conference 6 (course 12) ... has been strictly implemented by the District Party Committee and obtained important and encouraging results.

Organizational apparatus and monitoring functions of People's Council are increasingly improved and effective; orientations for planning, projects, programs and plans of the government's economic, cultural, social, defense and security development have been focused and implemented to ensure the correct roadmap approved . At the same time, the district focused on building a streamlined organization, with stability, consistent with its functions, tasks and well performing the review, evaluation, planning, training, retraining and rotating work. transfer, promote, appoint and reward officials; regularly carry out the inspection and supervision of the Party towards Party organizations and Party members in the implementation of the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's policies and laws, exemplary and responsible pioneers with work and service attitude for people and businesses.

Study and follow Uncle in association with building the Party

In parallel with the reform of the Party leadership, the district Party Committee has focused on building a strong political, ideological and organizational party. Party organizations from the district to the grassroots levels have seriously implemented the Directive No. 06-CT / TW, on November 7, 2006; Directive No. 03-CT / TW, dated 14-5-2011 of the Politburo and Directive No. 05-CT / TW dated May 15, 2016 of the Politburo on "Promoting learning and following thought , morality, style Ho Chi Minh ". At the same time, the District Party Committee launched the study and followed Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style in association with the Central Resolution 4 (Session XI, XII) on the construction and adjustment of the Party. into the content of regular activities and build models of "follow Uncle" in accordance with the characteristics, actual situation and political tasks in the branches, agencies, units and localities. The result has created a change in consciousness, training morality and lifestyle among officials and party members; creating a pervasive and positive influence in the whole society, making an important contribution to building and regulating the Party.

One of the important results in the construction of the Party of the district over the past 20 years is the construction of the Party grassroots organization in association with the construction of the grassroots political system. This mission is always focused and improved by the committee level, ensuring the quantity, quality and synchronization. If at the time of re-establishment, the District Party Committee had 22 Party grassroots organizations with 737 party members, so far the District Party Committee has 46 grassroots Party organizations and 203 Party branches under the grassroots Party Committee. Party membership is focused on improving both quantity and quality. In the past 20 years, the district has newly developed 2,844 party members, bringing the total number of party members of the district Party to nearly 3,600 party members (as of June 2016). The results of quality classification of party members every year, the party members are assessed to have a rate of over 90%, the percentage of party members who have successfully completed their tasks reaches an average of 80%.

Building a strong political system

Talking with us about some of the key tasks in building the Party to build the political system of the district in the coming time, Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung, Secretary of Dau Tieng District Party Committee said, to implement the victory The mission objectives set for the road ahead, Dau Tieng Party Committee is determined to build Party committees with strong and comprehensive political, ideological and organizational levels; strengthen unity, unify the will and action of the whole Party Committee; building a strong political system, to build and develop Dau Tieng district more and more beautiful and civilized.

In that spirit, in the coming time, the whole district Party Committee will continue to implement the Party's leadership methods for the operation of the political system; continue to promote learning and follow Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style in depth with practical and effective "follow Uncle" models. In addition, the Party Committee will continue to lead, direct and organize the implementation of the Central Resolution 4 (course 12) on the work of building and regulating the Party; continue to implement the Central Resolution 6 (course 12) "Some issues on continuing to renovate and organize the apparatus of the streamlined, effective and efficient political system"; at the same time building, training, planning staff with revolutionary moral qualities, professional qualifications, good working capacity, dynamic creativity, daring to think and dare to take responsibility, to respond application and on par with mission requirements.

In parallel, the district will continue to innovate and improve the quality of the People's Council meetings; well implement the function of monitoring with focus and focal points, especially in the areas where implementation meets difficulties and problems that people are pressing and recommend many times; continue to improve, improve the quality of organizing voter contacts before and after the meetings; strengthen supervision of the settlement of citizens' complaints and denunciations according to law. On the other hand, the District People's Committee will continue to arrange and stabilize the management staff so that the government apparatus operates smoothly, effectively and arranged in a streamlined, efficient and effective manner in association with the planet payroll and renew the organizational and management system, improve the quality and operational efficiency of the central and provincial public non-business units; continue to effectively implement the national target program on new rural construction, poverty reduction and employment programs, and breakthrough programs to implement the Resolution of the district Party Congress, programs and plans , conclusions and direction of the province.

With the tradition of diligence and creativity in labor and learning, believing that under the leadership of the district Party Committee, Dau Tieng cadres, party members and people will continue to unite and unify the successful implementation. Local political tasks, construction and development of Dau Tieng district are increasingly rich, beautiful and civilized, worthy of the heroic homeland tradition.

Reported by Tri Dung – Translated by Vi Bao

Dau Tieng
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