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Dau Tieng Town to make effort for environmental management

Update: 18-11-2020 | 16:14:14

 According to People's Committee of Dau Tieng Town, in 2020, the town allocated 290 trash cans of all kinds and 10 garbage trucks in 8 neighborhoods. In addition, the town organized activities in response to the "Anti plastic waste" movement to make the world cleaner. As a result, 50 participants installed 2 panels, handed out 3,000 leaflets, and 4,000 biodegradable nylon bags.

It is known that the town met environmental standards, such as: The proportion of population using clean water and sanitary water reaches 100%; the percentage of solid waste collected and treated reaches more than 92%; the percentage of medical solid waste collected and treated reaches 100%.

Reported by Tien Hanh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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