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Department of Health to evaluate "Hospital practices breastfeeding"

Update: 20-10-2020 | 10:05:24

 Provincial Department of Health in collaboration with Department of Maternal and Child Health (Ministry of Health) has conducted an evaluation of the title "Hospital practices excellently breastfeeding" at Hanh Phuc International Hospital.

On the basis of the legal framework for evaluation, members of the delegation conducted an assessment of Hanh Phuc International Hospital on the following criteria: to reach at least level 4 (1 year prior to the assessment) criterion E1.3 on breastfeeding in the criteria set of Vietnamese hospitals; to satisfy checklists on essential care of mothers and infants during and immediately after normal birth/ after cesarean and breastfeeding; to meet maternal / family satisfaction rate via mobile / fixed phone surveys.

It is known that Hanh Phuc International Hospital is the first hospital in the province to apply for the recognition of title "Hospital practices excellently breastfeeding". This title is granted to hospitals that comply with regulations on supporting breastfeeding practices in hospitals, enabling mothers and babies to have skin-to-skin care, early breastfeeding and completely breastfeeding during hospital stay.

The proposal of Hanh Phuc International Hospital will further promote breastfeeding practice in Vietnam in general and Binh Duong province in particular.

Reported by Kim Ha - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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