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Difficult management of veterinary drug and cattle food production

Update: 30-10-2009 | 00:00:00

Binh Duong is not the products’ main market but it gathers many big companies, so management of quality is considered a top task to protect farmer and customers’ rights and interests.

The entire province is home to 32 cattle food makers, 5 of which are foreign ones under management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Input material source is from fame suppliers of DMS, Bayer, Nutriway, Nutritech. Others are imported from the UK, China, Indonesia… directly with concrete product structure of 50% of food for pig, 30% for chicken, 15% for duck, and 5% for cow.  In terms of veterinary drug production, the whole province has 64 businesses, most of which are small production facilities with 35.62% of antibiotic drug, 51.8% of Vitamin, 12.46% of antiseptic drug.

The above figures show that food for pig, chicken, duck, antibiotic drug, growth stimulating medicine… account for a high rate of consumption.

An inspection conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in recent 3 years showed that the quality of cattle and aquatic food products containing heavy metals exceeded the allowed level… Especially, in early 2009, inspectors of the ministry found out and asked to cull 21.5 tons of contaminated cattle food, 105 tons of melamine-infected milk products…

Since the start of this year, though functional agencies have had many inspections, some businesses have launched a large number of substandard cattle and aquatic foods, fertilizer, veterinary drugs onto the market. Besides, some companies have not excelled in controlling materials before production. An employee of the ministry said “to solve and find out misconducts, we have to need much time and the work is not only of the ministry”.

According to the provincial department of Agriculture and Rural Development inspectors’ suggestion, aside from legal promulgation and encouragement of ISO quality standard registration for businesses…, businesses will be revoked licenses or suspended production-business if they make mistakes for the second time.

 Reported by D.Chi – Translated by A.C
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