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Effectiveness from the socialization of park construction

Update: 14-08-2020 | 08:39:34

With the fact that the State budget is still limited, the good use of socialization sources has become an effective solution to the problem of funding the construction of cultural works and community entertainment. In recent years, the socialization of the construction of parks and flower parks has been contributed by the people of Phu Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot city, bringing practical results.

Flower parks in Phu Hoa ward are made from socialized capital, bringing practical effects to people's lives

Joyful public on clean streets

The green area at the cultural house of Quarter 4, the residential area (KDC) of Phu Hoa I 2 years ago was a vacant land, an area of ​​120m2, growing grass, household waste thrown everywhere ... Now appearance This place has changed. Ms. Mac Thi Men, a resident of the area, said that since the ward has mobilized not to litter, contribute to building a park for everyone to live in a fresh, civilized atmosphere, the people completely agree. . Each person contributed a little budget, working days, less than a month, this small flower park was formed. “Glad! From bare land to a place for community activities, although small, it is a place where people often meet after returning in the afternoon. Each one is a little conscious, joining hands a little, the neighborhood becomes civilized, clean and beautiful ", Mrs. Men expressed.

Mr. Tran Viet Phu, Secretary of Sub-ward of Quarter 4, Phu Hoa ward affirmed that flowers and small scenes are formed through the consciousness and spirit of preserving the common environment of the people. "We are very excited to build a park in the neighborhood that many people encourage and agree," said Mr. Phu.

In Quarter 7, Phu Hoa ward, there is also a micro park that was put into use in the last 2 months with a construction area of ​​less than 100m2. Here, on 2 mornings and in the afternoon, people often come to relax and exercise. Mr. Nguyen Cao Thu, who lives near the park, said excitedly: “Previously this place was a lot of rubbish grass, narrow roads. From the day when the park was built, people in the neighborhood came to have fun and relax a lot. The park became a rendezvous point, especially for middle-aged people. Young children have a comfortable place to play because there is a large, clean yard. What residents like the most is that the park has a shade of green trees. Going back and forth every day, we can also see the talented drawings on the walls of the park, making the neighborhood more spacious”.

Public responsibility improved

The flower park, small landscape in Quarter 4 and 7 is considered the pioneer model of Phu Hoa ward implemented in the form of socialization. Accordingly, these 2 small landscape flowers were built on land that was previously redundant land under the management of the ward. The structure of the park includes the premises to make a green park to create a cool, green, clean and beautiful landscape. Also equipped with exercise equipment. After having the policy of investing in flower gardens, with the attention and direction of ward leaders, the two above works have been completed, put into operation and used with a total investment of over 350 million Vietnam dongs.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thuy, Chairman of Phu Hoa Ward People's Committee, in the current context, the ward has implemented many solutions for socialization in many fields. In which, socialization in the socio-cultural field is necessary, especially at the grassroots level. The mobilization of capital for socialization to build parks and small landscapes will help the locality develop more green areas in the area, satisfying the needs of people in exchange, mobilization, community activities and enjoyment of election fresh air to regenerate labor force.

It is known that in Phu Hoa ward, there are 7 flower parks and small landscapes, of which, 2 flower parks are the first socialization project in the field of culture and society. “In the context of limited budget, socialization of resources is an inevitable trend, this is the optimal solution to improve the accountability of the community and develop urban green areas in the city in the near future," Ms. Thuy said.

Reported by Thanh Hong – Translated by Vi Bao

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