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Efforts made to produce and supply medical masks to the community

Update: 26-03-2020 | 17:14:34

Medical mask is on high demand due to the fight against the Covid-19. Manufacturing enterprises are still make every effort to satisfy consumers' need.

Market Management authorities examine a medical mask production establishment in the province.

Production effort

Due to the complicated developments of Covid-19, several items with antibacterial function, such as hand sanitizer, salt water gargle... Especially medical masks have been sought by many people, leading to the inadequate supply of this product. Many factories have to work at its full capacity to increase the volume. But due to the sudden surging, there are still not enough medical masks.

The problem of medical mask production businesses is the shortage of material sources. It is known that main raw materials for the production are usually imported from China, South Korea. Meanwhile, these two markets are banned from exporting products, raw materials and machinery for medical mask production. Many producers confirmed that raw material sources were very scarce. Businesses have been sharing domestic sources of raw materials in order to together overcome difficulties. Companies are negotiating to import raw materials from India, South Africa, Egypt... Currently, the price from these markets is also increasing more times than before the epidemic. Luu Thai Quang, Director of Khanh An Equipment Trading JSC (Di An Town), said although the company had worked to its full capacity, they did not produce enough medical masks to provide their partners. "We are trying to produce at the best prices for the disease season, but there are many kinds of raw materials that have increased more than before so the price of products must also be increased”, Mr. Quang said.

As recommended by Ministry of Health, healthy people, who have no symptoms of respiratory disease, just need to wear cloth mask at crowded areas or on public transports. Therefore, people should not buy up medical masks, making this product scarce, prices skyrocketed. Instead, people, who do not have direct contact with disease sources, should use an antibacterial cloth mask that is reusable, economical and does not affect the environment. In the face of scarcity of medical masks, provincial Department of Industry and Trade worked with suppliers in the area to strengthen connection with manufacturing enterprises to supply medical masks to consumers.

No hoarding, but paying attention to quality

Mr. Quang said: “We are trying our best to provide medical masks for people to prevent and fight diseases. People do not buy up medical masks, which affects the local market, putting pressure on producers. Currently, we are controlling the output very closely to bring medical masks to the right objects, avoiding goods speculation and hoarding. However, every day there are more than 300 phone calls to request for medical mask supplies, we can only supply gradually and continue to produce steadily". Mr. Quang also said that there are currently many poor-quality medical masks on the market. Therefore, consumers need to take precautions against poor-quality products.

According to a pharmacy on Le Hong Phong street (Phu Hoa ward), it would take two weeks for production companies to supply enough this product. Suppliers must give priority to places where the epidemic is occurring, and should have a specific plan. Medical masks are scarce partly due to the sudden increase in demand. This phenomenon has led to the appearance of many poor-quality and unqualified medical masks on the market.

According to Tran Van Tung, Acting Director of provincial Market Management Department, said that General Department of Market Management and provincial leaders directed the department to intensify the inspection and strictly handle cases of smuggling, trade fraud, speculation, causing artificial scarcity, fake goods on the market, especially essential goods for the epidemic prevention and control, such as medical mask, dry hand sanitizer. Provincial Market Management Department determined that this was an urgent, important and priority task need to be carried out in the current period.

Accordingly, the department instructed Market Management forces in districts, towns and cities to launch, check and understand the situation of all shops dealing in medical masks and hand sanitizers in the area; at the same time, closely monitor the market situation, timely strictly handle acts of speculation, hoarding goods or increasing prices excessively that destabilize the market, affecting the interests of consumers. Mr. Tung also recommended that manufacturing enterprises, business establishments and people should follow business ethics, strictly abide by laws, detect and denounce law violations. For consumers, Mr. Tung also recommended not to buy up goods or poor-quality products, products without clear origin or label.

Reported by Tieu My - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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