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Experimental tourism appeals to tourists

Update: 01-09-2020 | 22:05:03

In recent years, many tourist destinations in the province have invested in interesting experimental tourist activities. With spaces being close to nature and practical experiences, this type of tourism has been a new breath, given a distinct impression, increasingly attracted tourists...

Fishing by basket - a fun experience at Phuong Nam Farm.

 Diverse activities

People's lives have been constantly improved, thus the demand for tourism has also increased. Visiting, exploring, and directly taking part in practical experimental activities at the same time, that is interesting. To meet this demand, besides catering services, accommodation, modern entertainment services, many tourist destinations in the province have also developed interesting experimental tourist activities.

Some tourist sites have experimental activities in the province are: Phuong Nam Farm within Phuong Nam Resort hotel; Tree Farm in Thuan An City; Cang Cua Farm in Dai Nam tourist area, Dong Dao Farm in TDM City... Le Minh Vuong, deputy director of Phuong Nam Resort, said from the end of 2019, Phuong Nam Resort has opened Phuong Nam Farm with an area of 4ha. Phuong Nam Farm is full of services to meet the entertainment needs of all tourists. With a combination of folk games arranged by groups, visitors may experience many enthralling activities, such as: Duck boat, canoeing, fishing by net or basket, visiting hydroponic vegetable gardens, rice planting, continuous folk game, artificial rain shower...

At the beginning of 2020, Dai Nam tourist area also opened Cang Cua Farm to bring new exciting experiences for young tourists. The farm is a combined space between entertainment and experience, which is highly educational. Experimental games, such as: Rowing; basket boat; catch fish by hands; fishing; rope swing across a lake; visiting and harvesting vegetable gardens, flower gardens, sheep sheds; making and painting pottery, a continuous game area to train health and team spirit... The experience brought by these activities help young people discover many interesting things, relax, and be in harmony with nature. Then they will memorize longer and are able to apply in daily activities as well as in learning and practicing life skills.

To absorb tourists

Before the Covid-19 returned, during summer vacation, Pham Anh Tuan living in Hiep Thanh ward (Thu Dau Mot city) and his family had come and played at Phuong Nam Farm. “My children were able to be immersed in practical experiences, such as growing vegetables, planting rice, catching fish, and they felt very excited. No need to go so far, Binh Duong also has many interesting destinations that meet the both needs for entertainment and life skill training for young people”, Mr. Tuan said.

As a nature lover, Thanh Xuan living in Phu Tan ward (Thu Dau Mot city) with her husband and two children like coming to interesting experimental activities. Dong Dao Farm, located in Dinh Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot city, is a favorite destination for their family to come on weekends. The farm has a picnic program "Play - experience - grow" for students. In this program, Dong Dao Farm will give children the experience of "one day to be a farmer", they plant trees by themselves, harvest vegetables and fruits, and participate in other folk games.

Being close to nature, immersing themselves in experimental activities always has a special appeal to people of all ages. Not only meeting the needs for entertainment and experience of local people, this tourism type has also attracted tourists outside the province coming to Binh Duong.

Reported by Hong Thuan - Translated by Ngoc Huynh 

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