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Farmer support fund to promote efficiency

Update: 11-01-2021 | 16:46:13

 Farmers' Union of Hung Dinh ward in Thuan An City has directed closely its organization and construction, implemented comprehensive solutions to complete tasks and encourage peasant emulation movement.

Nguyen Thi Nhu Truong borrows loan and develops efficiently fruit orchards.

 To build and reinforce organization

According to Nguyen Thi My Hanh, Chairwoman of People's Committee of Hung Dinh ward, following the direction of Thuan An city Farmers' Union and in order for its activities to get into stride, the organization work concerned all levels of the union; the focus is building a strong apparatus in a streamlined and effective way. Currently, the ward has 3 branches in 3 quarters Hung Phuoc, Hung Tho and Hung Loc. Farmers' Union of Hung Dinh ward currently has 149 members divided into 12 groups (including 7 farming groups, 3 business groups and 2 service groups). The union directed branches and groups of 3 quarters to improve the quality of operations, content, and activities in accordance with regulations.

In order to improve skills of its staff, the union sent staff to training courses held by provincial and city Farmers' Unions with topics, such as: Farmers' Union works, grassroots reconciliation, environmental protection... By the end of 2020, all three branches gained strong collective title, of which Hung Phuoc union was excellently strong.

Supporting members in household business development

Ms. Nguyen said that in order to improve the quality of the union's activities, the development of membership must go hand in hand with improving the quality of membership through many types of attracting, gathering farmers coming to its unions. The most prominent was the formation of production groups by industries, crafts, and cooperative groups. In particular, the focus was on the emulation movement "Farmers produce and do business well, unite to help each other get rich and sustainably reduce poverty" combined with the movement "The whole country joins hands to build a new countryside".

In addition, the ward Farmers' Union suggested to Agricultural Service Center of the City Economic Office training for farmers about taking care of specialty orchards, safe vegetables growing model... In addition, the union supported farmers in borrowing loans through Farmers Support Fund and preferential loans from Social Policy Bank.

In 2020, the union lent loans to 6 business households a total amount of 113 million VND funded by grassroots Farmers Support Fund, 17 households with a total loan of 1.2 billion VND to plant and take care of orchards funded by Provincial Farmers Support Fund. Fund management at the union was performed in accordance with the regulations, monitored to ensure giving loans to the right people. All members who borrowed loans have used the money for right purposes, gained good results, paid interests and principals on time, no overdue debts. The union also signed an entrusted contract with Social Policy Bank of Thuan An City and effectively implemented the contract. During the year, the union finished procedures to lend loans to 281 household members borrowing a total amount of more than 13.4 billion VND.

From production emulation movements and farmer supporting activities, in recent years, the ward has developed effective economic models. For example, cooperative group takes care of orchards to help 14 members improve their lives, income of each member is from 3.5 to 7 million VND / person / month in ripe fruit seasons. In which, many members have improved their lives, created jobs for many local workers. For example, Nguyen Thi Nhu Truong's household at Hung Tho quarter, thanks to the loan of 100 million VND to invest in orchards, each year the family's average income is up to 260 million VND. Vuong De's household at Hung Phuoc quarter, with 6,000 square meters of orchards and flower farms, gains a total annual income of 250 million VND. Nguyen Van Doi at Hung Tho street, borrowed 100 million VND from Farmers Support Fund to develop an orchard combined with ecotourism with 10 huts to serve visitors, every year earns 245 million VND. The above members all won the title of good producers and business farmers at provincial level in 2020.

“Every year, the union launches timely emulation and commendation movements to encourage farmers to become examples of good people with good deeds. We also suggest and reward individuals and collectives with outstanding results in movements, thereby helping farmers understand their interests, be more active in joining the union, contributing to building strong unions”, said Ms. Nguyen.

 Reported by Tien Hanh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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