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Festival "I love my country"

Update: 23-10-2020 | 15:39:18

On Oct 18, Tan Uyen Town Committee of Youth Federation held "I love my country" festival 2020.

The journey "I love my country" came from Tan Uyen Town People's Committee to traditional memorial area of Vinh Loi War Zone.

At the festival, the journey "I love my country" took place with activities of young people cycling carrying banners, flags on inner city roads to traditional memorial area of Vinh Loi War Zone. In addition, young participants offered incense and flowers to commemorate martyrs at Vinh Loi War Zone and recalled the history of Vietnam Youth Federation. In addition, the festival also had lively contests such as: Singing contest for young staff to praise the homeland, the Party, Uncle Ho, the glorious revolutionary history of Vietnamese youth and Vietnam Youth Federation; cooking contest and football matches...

The activities were to boost the movement "I love my country", propagate deeply the glorious revolutionary history and traditions of Vietnamese youth and Vietnam Youth Federation among members, educate young people on the will to better themselves, establish a career, volunteer for the community.

Reported by Nhu Y - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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