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Brilliant urban development of Binh Duong

Final part: Improving people’s live hood

Update: 23-09-2020 | 16:08:42

Along with the process of socio-economic development of the province, the planning, developing and upgrading of urban areas have been taken care of by all-level authorities, creating good-looking urban appearances and a lot of services to the public.

Urban areas are developed and various standard housing zones are built to meet local demands. In this photo: Habitat housing in Thuan An city

Changing municipality

Along with investments into developing and expanding industrial zones and clusters, Binh Duong has led the housing development for working people who live locally. The localities of early industrial development like Di An city and Thuan An city have made great efforts to develop and upgrade housing areas in the face of physical population increment.

Hot development often leaves behind differences in management, especially urban management. Keeping this in mind, all-level authorities of the province have made good efforts to beautify the urban areas, contributing to resolve shortcoming of urbanization while planning for developing urban areas in comprehensive and synchronous urban development. Talking to us, Vo Anh Tuan, Deputy Chairman of Di An city People’s Committee informed that the city eyed great transformation of urban development from the first days of industrial development. Up to date, the urban infrastructure has been better and modern. All the traffic routes under the city management have been asphalted. Economic and technical infrastructure has gradually been matched to the requirements of urban development. Constructions of education, medical, culture, and sports have been invested into to meet public demands.

 “The care for urban development is a good condition for local trade and high quality services to develop and for human resources to improve. In Di An city, 19 housing projects are being carried out with the birth of various trade centers and supermarkets in the process of developing residential areas. This will not only promote fast development of trade and services but also strengthen the local development,” said Vo Anh Tuan.

The efforts of urban upgrading have also made great changes and become the major foundation for Thuan An city to expand its urban space and gradually become a locomotive urban zone in the South of the province. Step by step, Thuan An city has affirmed its position and development as a significant municipality of economy, culture, and services, and as a traffic entry for the province to promote socio-economic development in the province, region, and Ho Chi Minh city region.

According to Nguyen Thanh Tam, Chairman of Thuan An city People’s Committee, all-time leaders have determined to make full use of the city position and potentials to boost up urban construction suiting the general development space of the region and forming foundation for Thuan An city to become a center of services, sustainable urban development, environment protection, and people’s live hood improvement. Up to date, socio-economic structure has been upgraded to civilized and modern level, contributing to resolutions of urgent issues and assurance of social welfares. Up to date, Thuan An city has formed plenty of commercial housing including residential areas of Le Phong, Nam Long, Nguyen Van Tiet, Eco Xuan, and Habitat among others to satisfy the housing needs of many and contribute to beautify the modern and civilized urban areas by planning and development requirements.

Public satisfaction

Development at its very end is to improve material and spiritual lives of the public. On other side, the public consensus is the best evidence of success of all-level authorities’ efforts. The development of urban Di An has contributed to create the scene and environment to win the heart of local people. Nguyen Van Thien, a local resident of Di An ward in Di An city, expressed his delight for his hometown development.

 “Today’s Di An has changed greatly with wider and cleaner streets facilitating traffic and transaction of local people. Various investment projects in recent time have been especially constructed to create new appearance of the city and offer jobs to the people. By the consensus, the movement of the whole public constructing cultural and civilized urban areas has been strictly followed and agreed upon,” said Thien.

To overcome shortcoming, Di An city has constructed and implemented special resolutions of the city Party committee on beautifying make-shift land allocations to be certified with land-use rights of households and individuals. Various ugly zones have been corrected, infrastructure has been invested into and land-use right certificates are issued to gain the agreement and high public consensus.

As for Thuan An city, all-time leaders have made great efforts to overcome drawbacks emerged from make-shift residential areas to be proactive in coordinating investors and connection measures for electricity, water release and traffic. Concurrently, the city authority has promoted investment luring policies for commercial housing projects in a bid to resolve the housing of those in need.

Along with development of residential areas, Thuan An city has offered the public services for the daily necessity. Supermarkets, banks, and hospitals have been built in high quality to sustain local development. Pham Thi Thu Hien, a resident of An Thanh ward in Thuan An city said: “I could not believe that Thuan An city has changed so much in ten years I live here. The once farms and scattered houses had been replaced by residential areas with a lot of facilities and the public live hood has been dramatically improved.”

Reported by Tieu My – Translated by Vi Bao

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