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Get-together celebrates the 58th anniversary of Phuoc Thanh province and Phuoc Thanh’s victory

Update: 17-08-2019 | 13:14:26

On August 15, North Tan Uyen district collaborated with Traditional revolutionary liaison committee of Phuoc Thanh province to hold a get-together to celebrate the 58th anniversary of Phuoc Thanh province (27 Jun 1961 - 27 Jun 2002) and Phuoc Thanh Victory (18 Sep 1961 - 18 Sep 2002). Attending the meeting were Le Huu Phuoc, Provincial Party Standing Committee Member, Head of Provincial Party Committee's Commission for Propagation and Education; former provincial leaders; leaders of localities in North Tan Uyen, Phu Giao, and Tan Uyen; officials of Phuoc Thanh Traditional revolutionary liaison committee, and veterans of Phuoc Thanh province.

On behalf of Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, and Vietnam Fatherland Front, Le Huu Phuoc (right end) gives flowers to the meeting.

 In 1961, while Dong Khoi revolutionary movement spread throughout the South, three new provinces Bien Hoa, Thu Dau Mot and Phuoc Thanh were established. A meeting took place on 27 Jun 1961 at the Thu Bien Provincial Party Committee Office (now is Tan My Commune, North Tan Uyen district) to establish Phuoc Thanh province including Phu Giao district, Tan Uyen district, Hieu Liem district, and communes in base areas. Only after nearly three months, on 18 Sep 1961, Phuoc Thanh's revolutionary army and people destroyed Phuoc Vinh Sub-district of the henchmen government Ngo Dinh Diem. After more than 5 years of construction and development, Phuoc Thanh army and people fulfilled their duties to their homeland and the country. At present, Tan Uyen town, North Tan Uyen district, and Phu Giao district, which were under former Phuoc Thanh province, are effectively implementing reform policy and synchronous development according to provincial and local Party Resolutions.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Phuoc, on behalf of Provincial Party Standing Committee, believed that Party Committee, authorities, and people of Tan Uyen town, North Tan Uyen district, and Phu Giao district would uphold the tradition of former Phuoc Thanh province, Phuoc Thanh victory, continue to overcome difficulties to well achieve the set objectives and tasks; have practical solutions to attract investment and take practical care of material and spiritual life of people, especially social policy beneficiaries and ethnic minorities.

Reported by Cao Son – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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