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Hotline 1022 - A multi-functional channel to receive petitions

Update: 10-01-2020 | 10:32:13

Hotline 1022 of Binh Duong Province has brought practical effects, helping people, enterprises to give timely feedback; At the same time helping the government receive, solve and answer quickly, accurately, and satisfactorily people, enterprises' questions about administrative procedures, situation ans scene of order security, traffic safety...

Provincial leaders look at positioning map, call management of hotline 1022.

Up to now, Binh Duong's hotline 1022 has been in operation for 2 months and met the information needs of people and organizations. Since its opening, on average every day, the line receives over 50 calls of reports, petitions, mainly relating to delayed administrative dossiers; reports on traffic accidents, security order, traffic lights, traffic jam... The receiving unit responded satisfactorily and transferred to specialized agencies to solve information promptly.

Lai Xuân Thành, Director of Department of Information and Communications, said the fundamental operation process of the hotline had meet people's dmands. Department of Information and Communications as well as the information receiving division also learned from experience receiving to gradually improve hotline 1022 of Binh Duong province. In order to ensure that the hotline runs smoothly and 24/7 service, the information reception division consists of nearly 20 officials with 3 shifts each day, each shift has 6 employees. Hotline officials were trained from knowledge to gentle, polite behaviors and conducts.

In fact, since its opening, the hotline has received hundreds of phone calls and emails, which commended the staff for the effectiveness of the information reception and the processing, especially information related to administrative procedures in the province, shortcomings when transferring dossiers to other agencies; emergency support. Đoàn Thị Liên, a resident of Phu Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot City, said: "PPC opened the 1022 hotline, which has responded to information from people. I contacted the hotline to inquire about administrative procedure of birth certificate issuance, and the staff guided me enthusiastically and attentively".

In order for this hotline to operate effectively, Đặng Minh Hưng, Vice Chairman of PPC, proposed departments, agencies, local governments to heighten responsibility of civil servants in the reception, addressing and answering feedback, petitions of the hotline in accordance with regulations issued by PPC; At the same time, people and businesses need to give honest feedback to hotline 1022 in order for local governments to better serve, operate publicly, transparently, contributing to the construction of beautiful, wealthy Binh Duong.

People may connect to this hotline via mobile phone by calling (0274)1022 or sending text, email, via social networks, zalo ; app 1022.binhduong; web: 1022. After receiving and verifying information (if necessary), the receiver will immediately respond to requests for emergency assistance, for information available in its database, or forward it to authorities to give answer to people via the hotline.

Reported by Ho Van - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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