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Humanitarian values ​​continue to spread

Update: 15-08-2019 | 16:55:06

Humanitarian Month of 2019 has ended, but humanitarian values expressed in this month have spread widely in the community...

To support the right persons

Humanitarian Month in 2019 was launched by Red Cross Society in the province and received good responses from many officials, members, young people, and volunteers; many organizations and individuals also joined and gave support.

In order to promote the effectiveness of Humanitarian Month, provincial Red Cross actively advised Party Committee and local authorities to popularize this month among all associations, people, agencies, departments, unions, businesses, benefactors, volunteer clubs, religious and social organizations to call for support for people with difficult circumstances. Red Cross plays the key role, is a liaison that connects millions of compassionate hearts to share, give opportunities, and bring faith, happiness, and new bright beginning for people in difficult situations.

Provincial Red Cross Association in collaboration with Provincial Post Office opens "Humanitarian Fund Box".

In order to support the right people who need helps, the list of beneficiaries was done very carefully, openly, and democratically. Associations at all levels conducted a survey on beneficiaries from grassroots level, with the participation of authorities, the Fatherland Front, and local organizations. Thereby, the localities made a list of people that need helps, and encouraged organizations, individuals and benefactors to participate in through various forms. Tran Thanh Hoang in Can Giang hamlet, Thanh An commune, Dau Tieng district is one of the people who were supported while building his house within Humanitarian Month 2019. He said that due to poverty, his house was badly damaged for a long time, but he cannot repair. Thus, when he found out that he received financial support to build a Red Cross house, he was very happy.

To keep striving

Humanitarian Month 2019 was implemented with many regular and widespread activities in the community. With the support from collectives and benefactors, Red Cross Association at all levels in the province carried out many forms of support, brought practical benefits to beneficiaries, such as: Giving gifts to disadvantaged people, construction and repair of Red Cross houses, voluntary blood donation, free medical examination and treatment...

One of the new activities in this Humanitarian Month was that Provincial Red Cross signed a cooperation agreement with Provincial Post Office to open Humanitarian Fund Box at post offices throughout the province. Fund boxes will be placed at level 1 and 2 post offices under provincial postal system to raise funds for the poor, disabled people, children with serious diseases, victims of natural disasters...

According to Nguyen Thi Le Trinh, Chairwoman of Provincial Red Cross, Humanitarian Month 2019 attracted the participation of Party committees, governmental units, and received good response from many organizations, businesses, benefactors. Since then, it helped Humanitarian Month spread widely, become a universal movement to care for the poor under the leadership of the Party and the core role of Red Cross at all levels. The listing of beneficiaries was carried out in a specific, scientific, public, democratic, non-overlapping way ... so it created trust of all levels, sectors and benefactors in humanitarian, charity activities.

Also according to Ms. Trinh, in the coming time, the association will continue to encourage the participation of all people, incorporate Humanitarian Month of the campaign "Each organization and individual is associated with a humanitarian address" into national target programs for social beneficiaries, emulation movements of all levels.

Reported by Cam Ly – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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