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Hustle labor market at the end of the year

Update: 29-11-2019 | 12:19:51

Entering the third quarter of 2019, the Binh Duong labor market is flourishing, businesses are stepping up production and business, so the demand for human resources is relatively large.

Employees access job search information online via the provincial Employment Service Center

The demand is high

"Need urgent recruitment", "Quickly and effectively recruiting", "Welcome old workers back to work"; These are the notice of recruitment of labor in the last days of the year at some enterprises in the provincial.

According to our research at the Provincial Employment Service Center, in the third quarter of 2019, the demand for labor recruitment in businesses increased. Enterprises that have a high demand for labor are SNP Co., Ltd., Far Eastern Apparel Co., Ltd. (Vietnam), Shyang Hung Cheng Co., Ltd. ... However, the number of employees wishing to find a job has gradually decreased in last month of the year. The reason is that during this period, workers began to stabilize their jobs so that they could receive full remuneration when they were about to prepare for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.

To serve the development needs, Yazaki EDS Vietnam Co., Ltd. needs to recruit 1,000 female workers to work in shifts (3 shifts) at Di An and My Phuoc factories. Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Trang, an expert in charge of recruiting the company, said that employees who are recruited to work will enjoy benefits such as: Free meals, overtime meals (if have); salary increase in January every year, bonus 1.2 months of Tet bonus (lunar calendar). In addition to 10 days off according to the State's regulations, the company gives employees an additional 23 days / year off but is entitled to 100% of the salary. 12 days off per year (company re-purchases if not on leave) The company ensures policies according to the Labor Code such as social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance ... In addition, the company buys labor accident insurance in the factory,Talking with us, Mr. Huynh Van Loc, Deputy Director of the provincial Job Service Center, said that according to the table of employment breakdown at the center, the demand for recruiting manufacturing and processing industries accounted for about 9, 43% of the labor force, but currently this industry has a shortage of labor that is not enough for businesses. With the garment industry is looking for recruiting technical, skilled staff with very high salaries. The mechanical engineering, car repairing and manufacturing industries are also the sectors that businesses are in need of recruitment. With the table of professional and technical qualifications shows that enterprises currently recruiting focus are unskilled workers, accounting for 86.8%, intermediate level accounting for 8.92%, the remaining colleges and universities. According to the recruiting staff, the recruitment of large numbers of workers today is due to businesses having many orders, some businesses expanding factories.

Need to proactively formulate labor employment plans

The labor market continues to develop in the direction of attracting highly skilled workers, the trend of demand for trained human resources ... It is expected that in the last months of 2019, there will be more than 30,000 vacancies at the submission. unskilled workers and more than 7,000 qualified workers. The most suitable recruiting subjects are still young people, workers, students and students.

According to Mr. Huynh Van Loc, the industries that businesses need to recruit a lot of workers: Mechanical, machine operation, industrial electricity, electricity - electronics, wood industry, garment industry ... Besides, a large number of office workers in the field of interpreters and field interpreters, and proficient foreign language accountants are also recruited in large numbers. The demand for technical human resources also increased on this occasion because many businesses have focused on developing technology to suit the needs to meet industry 4.0. Enterprises are recruiting with a large number of 1,000 or more employees such as Bowker Garment Co., Ltd. Vietnam, Timberland Co., Ltd., Sonova Co., Ltd. Ubi vina 3.

In order to meet the needs of the market, in addition to the fixed job session on Mondays, the provincial Job Service Center also opens thematic sessions that have attracted many businesses to recruit workers. Many workers participating in the session have found jobs that provide a stable income.

In addition, the provincial Employment Service Center has also developed and updated the labor market newsletter of Binh Duong quarterly to be able to make predictions closer to the actual situation, helping workers and people. Employers have a more objective and multi-dimensional view when participating in the market. According to Mr. Loc, in order to have a sustainable market, businesses need to proactively formulate labor use plans, avoiding shortages in each period.

Demand for recruiting workers now is very large. Despite high demand, the labor market is different from previous years in that most businesses have actively linked with provincial agencies and some other provinces to recruit workers. In particular, to attract employees, the well-being benefits for employees are described by the company for employees to choose before the interview.

Reported by Tuong Vy –Translated by Vi Bao

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