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Impression of works

Update: 08-10-2019 | 11:18:47

With enthusiasm and self-assurance, in 2014-2019 tenure, provincial Youth Federation at all levels carried out many good models, useful and practical projects to strengthen brand name of Binh Duong youth.

Provincial Youth Federation organizes the eighth journey connecting young workers with the theme "Following footsteps of heroes".

Journey connecting young workers and journey "I love Binh Duong"

To turn the movement "I love my Fatherland" into a series of activities "I love Binh Duong" associated with the journey to connect young workers at "red addresses" throughout the province, during the last tenure , provincial Youth Federation organized 27 journey to connect young workers, 25 journeys "I love Binh Duong" to visit localities inside and outside the province with many topics, such as "Forever 20", "Because youth never regained twice", "Land of memory", "Following footsteps of heroes", "Voluntary spring", "Giving strength to go to school"...

Each journey was organized on occasion of political - cultural - social events of the province, so each had its own theme, helping young ones learn culture and history of Binh Duong land and people; indomitable fighting spirit of older generations; thereby, fostering patriotism, preserving and upholding historical and cultural values. The journeys were more meaningful, because each program also had activities of giving gifts to young workers, or scholarships to workers’ children...

Young workers connecting club

Provincial Young Workers and Laborers Supporting Center, Youth Federation of districts, towns, and city in the province encouraged enterprises to set up clubs to connect with young workers. The whole province has now 20 young workers connecting clubs; regularly organize meaningful activities, such as helping each other improve skills, visiting orphanage centers; visiting Vietnamese heroic mothers... Specifically, during youth journeys, the clubs presented 55 bicycles, 300 gifts, 13 scholarships, 4,400 notebooks and cash with a total expense of more than VND200 million.

In addition, the clubs also carry out "Loving Kitchen" program to cook charity meals for disadvantaged patients every Sunday morning at hospitals. In particular, the clubs have effectively promoted the core political role in timely grasping and orienting social opinion among young workers in the province.

Little Star Preschool

Little Star Preschool was built and put into operation in 2014, is a unit under Provincial Young Workers and Laborers Supporting Center. The school is for workers’ children in My Phuoc industrial parks (Ben Cat Town). Every year, the school enrolls averagely about 300 children with about 10 groups. This kindergarten has nearly 30 officials and teachers, focuses on ensuring the safety of children, consolidating and improving the quality of preschool education for children, well implements the renovation of teaching and management methods, improves the quality of comprehensive education for children, and trains life skills. Furthermore, every year Provincial Young Workers and Laborers Supporting Center also gives many gifts to poor students having difficult circumstances; tuition reduction and exemption for disadvantaged cases... At the same time, teachers and staff in remote areas stay 100% free at the school.

Voluntary winter and spring

Annually, provincial Youth Federation and 11 grassroots associations in districts, towns, city carry out "Voluntary Spring" activities to come to border areas; organize many activities such as free health examination, medicine giving, repair of houses, infrastructure, roads, dredging canals, building urban civilization, giving gifts and scholarships to children having difficult circumstances, meetings and presenting gifts to soldiers at border areas and islands... These were programs like: Voluntary winter and spring

 in Lao Cai province; the journey "Binh Duong Youth remember the Will of Uncle Ho" in Binh Phuoc province; the journey "Charity journey for community health" in Dak Lak province; voluntary activities in Phu Quy Island district, Binh Thuan province; especially providing assistance to Full-Moon Festival of lunar January...

Charity bus - Journey for community health

This is a health examination, medicine distribution, and gift giving program for ethnic minorities in poor areas; awarded scholarships to students who have difficult circumstances to study well. Accordingly, in the last tenure, the province organized three programs of "Charity Bus - Journey for public health", performed free medical examinations, distributed medicine, and gave gifts to more than 600 people of ethnic minorities; presented 40 scholarships, 3,000 notebooks to ethnic students with a total expense of more than VND900 million. At the district level, 48 trips were organized with a total cost of more than VND2.5 billion.

Legal advice office and legal education for young workers

In recent years, Organizing Committee of the project "Consultancy office for youth support and development" has held weekly legal consultancy programs and moot courts in industrial parks, lodging houses. Up to now, the office has organized 145 moot courts, forums, attracted the participation of a large number of union members, young workers, and people; nearly 1,000 legal education sessions at youth associations, lodging houses; compiled and released 2,000 legal handbooks, 200 posters for legal education...

In order to bring useful information as well as contents of Youth Union to young ones, every Saturday, 10,000 copies of Binh Duong newspapers, 1,500 youth newsletters are delivered to young people. At the same time, provincial Youth Federation also developed posters, leaflets, and documents to encourage youth branches - associations in private enterprises; youth handbooks; learning materials of following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality, lifestyle...

To assist the international integration

In the last tenure, provincial Youth Federation established three clubs under provincial Youth Federation, including: Vietnam - Japan Club, English Club for the Community, Volunteers Club for international events under provincial Students’ Union. In addition, provincial Youth Federation and Students’ Union hold annually Vietnam - Korea cultural exchange programs; exchange program between Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia students; international voluntary activities in Laos - Cambodia, in Cuba...

"Bringing young workers as people of ethnic minorities to their hometown to carry out social security works"

In this project, provincial Youth Federation selects poor young workers, who are people of ethnic minorities and are working and living in the province; then organized journeys to bring these young workers from Binh Duong to their hometowns. In these journeys, provincial Youth Federation visited and encouraged worker’s families, carried out programs, social security works in order to create chances for young workers to contribute to their hometowns.

Reported by Ngoc Nhu – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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