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Industrial development tied with environmental protection

Update: 14-08-2019 | 12:12:34

At present, the primary target of Thuan An town is to gradually develop the town to become a first-class city directly under the province by the end of 2019. This is an important driving force to encourage the development of trade – service, industrial production with high technology content; synchronous and solid modernization. To accomplish this goal, in recent years, the town has focused on industrial development tied with environmental protection.

Industrial growth is high

Currently, Thuan An town industry has large scale, and modern technologies. Industrial production has been the driving force for local economic growth in recent years, contributing significantly to increasing budget revenue, creating jobs, and increasing income for workers. With three industrial parks (IPs) including Vietnam - Singapore 1 (VSIP 1), Viet Huong, Dong An, and two industrial clusters, these have become the main driving forces for economic development of the town.

The town has about 4,203 enterprises, including 3,644 domestic enterprises, 599 FDI enterprises. In many consecutive years, the town has achieved high industrial growth rate, averagely 9% per year, of which the domestic sector increased by 13.3%, FDI sector increased by 11%. Economic structure of the town shifted to the right direction, industry - trade, service - agriculture. The value of industrial production of the town in the first 6 months of 2019 was estimated at VND 111,670 billion, up 8% compared to the same period last year.

VSIP 1 – a model of green industrial park of the whole country.

According to Nguyen Thanh Trung, Deputy Head of VSIP Management Board, since the beginning of the year, production and business activities of enterprises in VSIP have been stable. VSIPs are investment destinations of large enterprises and corporations in the world. Up to now, IPs under this Management Board consist of 549 valid investment projects with a total registered capital of $8.36 billion, of which 495 projects are in production and business.

Irwin Lee, President and CEO of Universal Robina Corporation (Philippines), said URC Vietnam was a subsidiary of Universal Robina Corporation - one of the largest food and beverage manufacturers of Philippines. In Vietnam, URC has 5 factories. Particularly in Binh Duong, URC has 2 projects including 3 factories in VSIP 1 and VSIP 2A with total investment of more than $100 million. In recent years, factories in Binh Duong have grown steadily and efficiently. URC pledged to make long-term investments in Binh Duong.

To pay much attention to environmental protection

In the economic development process, Thuan An town has paid attention to industrial development combined with environmental protection. Nguyen Thanh Tam, Chairman of Thuan An town People's Committee, affirmed that the town had been promoting investment attraction in high-quality services and services supporting industrial growth, industries creating great value for products, environmentally friendly, saving natural resources, land, reducing labor intensive industries.

VSIP Joint Venture Ltd. Company is an example. Over 20 years of establishment and development, the company achieved remarkable achievements in production and business efficiency as well as environmental protection and supervision activities. These results have contributed to creating strengths for socio-economic development and environmental protection of the town in particular, Binh Duong province in general.

Nguyen Phu Thinh, General Director of VSIP Joint Venture Ltd. Company, said that since its establishment, said that since its establishment, the motto of VSIP had been not to attract investment at all costs. The company sets many standards for their investors to keep IPs green, clean, and beautiful. Therefore, right from the stage of calling for investment, the company arranges prioritized industries in order. From this arrangement, VSIP rejects projects that cause environmental pollution. Besides, when building a factory here, the company requires investors to strictly comply with environmental protection regulations. Currently, enterprises in their IPs have their own waste water treatment system before discharging into the common system. In addition, VSIP has a modern waste treatment system and is regularly monitored and maintained.

With environmental protection and monitoring activities, VSIP Joint Venture Ltd. Company has gained many achievements in environmental protection, deserving to be a model of green industrial park of Binh Duong in particular and Vietnam in general.

In Thuan An town, there are 381 industrial production enterprises outside industrial zones and clusters. In the coming time, the town continues to encourage these enterprises to convert their functions and relocate into industrial zones and clusters. The town also implements policies to support enterprises as infrastructure investors and traders in industrial zones and clusters in order to create favorable conditions for enterprises outside industrial zones and clusters to operate in industrial parks and complexes.

Reported by Phuong Le – Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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