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Introduction and promotion of Binh Duong tourism through publications

Update: 22-06-2020 | 10:58:58

 Provincial Tourism Promotion Center has compiled and printed many publications to introduce and advertise Binh Duong tourism to domestic and foreign tourists. Many travel agencies and tourists appreciate the tourism information and promotion of Binh Duong province through these publications.

Particularly in the past 6 months, the center compiled following publications: MICE Travel Handbook, Name card of Provincial Tourism Promotion Center, publication to introduce "Red Addresses 2020" (collection of historical monuments and landscapes) in the province. In addition, the center also republished publications of Binh Duong culinary specialties, eco-tourism, beautiful photos of tourism, publications of some prominent religious works, beliefs, and Binh Duong Travel Handbook - 10 appealing things to visitors.

Reported by Cam Ly - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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