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Iron Triangle Tunnels - A symbol of loyalty, indomitability

Update: 25-03-2020 | 11:04:54

Visiting Iron Triangle Tunnels, a historical - cultural monument, and learning more about its history heightened the pride in older generations and Vietnam struggling tradition...

Former President Nguyen Minh Triet attends and presents gifts to disadvantaged children in a meaningful spring program held at Iron Triangle Tunnels.

A corner of Iron Triangle Tunnels today.

The legendary tunnel

The Iron Triangle Tunnels is located on the territory of 3 southwestern communes of Ben Cat Town, including: An Dien, An Tay and Phu An. This is a monument with very special historical significance, is associated with the mighty history of the army and people of the town, the province and Vietnamese people.

In 1948, Iron Triangle Tunnels started to be formed. Learning from experience, tunnels grew bigger and were more creative. To prepare for this battle, people in the three communes secretly dug tunnels day and night to hide from enemy bombs. Gradually, secret tunnels grew bigger and connected with each other. With ingenuity and creativity, they created an "underground village", a wonderful tunnel system.

During the two resistance wars against French colonialists and American imperialists, Iron Triangle Tunnels were an important strategic area, especially in the anti-American war. This place used to be the base of Ben Cat District, Thu Dau Mot Provincial Party Committee, Saigon - Cho Lon special zone. During this 20-years war, the enemy repeatedly carried out many raids on this zone to destroy the revolutionary force but all failed. Although equipped with advanced weapons with thousands of troops, but the US - puppet has failed miserably upon reaching this land. Thanks to this underground tunnel system, revolutionary soldiers had a solid support from the people. While above was the fierce bombs and bullets, the underground activities were still going on, revolutionary soldiers were persistent and defeated the enemies.

To preserve the history

Le Nguyen Khoi, Head of Ben Cat Town Culture and Information Office, said that because of the historical significance of this relic, every year, local government and mass organizations often choose this place for many important activities, such as: Enlistment ceremony, and traditional activities of agencies, mass organizations and localities. Especially, to the younger generation, the Iron Triangle has a very important meaning in historical and patriotism education. From there, the young people will have more strengths to try harder in studying, practicing and contribute to building an increasingly wealthy and beautiful hometown.

In a spring program held right at the Iron Triangle, former President Nguyen Minh Triet told a story about the heroic history associated with the name Iron Triangle. He said, roads No.13, No.14 and No.7 crossed each other and formed a very clear triangle. This is also the place where many fierce battles occurred between our army and the enemies, thus it has been called the Iron Triangle. Later, the Iron Triangle was expanded. During the wars, people here suffered many losses and made sacrifices. Peace was restored, the people put all their efforts to overcome difficulties, build and develop the hometown, but the war aftermath was very heavy. Former President Nguyen Minh Triet expressed his wish that the people of Ben Cat Town, especially three communes of the Iron Triangle would continue striving to develop this area in parallel with the overall development of Ben Cat Town and Binh Duong Province.

Due to its unique values and historical significance, in 1996, the Iron Triangle was recognized as national historical and cultural monument. This rank and recognition are extremely important. It is not only a recognition of the contribution of people here in the resistance wars to national liberation, but it also has an important significance in conveying the national pride to younger generations.

Provincial People's Committee made investment in this place to preserve, restore and develop it into a compelling destination for heritage tourism. Thanks to this renovation and embellishment, a large monuments' complex was formed. In addition, this zone also has other construction items, such as: Souvenir shop, operation house, yard for ceremonies, exhibition house, greenery area, flower gardens... Mr. Khoi said that the Iron Triangle was managed by the province and invested. This is a national monument that has a special meaning to the local Party, authorities and people. Therefore, this monument is the top priority in organization of military camps, education on local revolutionary history. Every year, this destination also welcomes many delegations of tourists from inside and outside the province to visit, learn about the tunnels, the fighting history of older generations.

Reported by Cam Ly - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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