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Lao Cai - Binh Duong in good affection

Update: 02-12-2019 | 18:08:06

Responding to the Party and Uncle Ho's "All for the Southern Region" appeal, many young people in Lao Cai province energetically set out for the South, including the fierce battlefield of Thu Dau Mot Province - Binh Duong. Remembering the merits, Binh Duong has made many meaningful activities towards Lao Cai over time; especially the greetings, encouragement and meaningful gifts for cadres, soldiers, wounded soldiers, sick soldiers and martyrs' relatives who died in the anti-American resistance war.

Mr. Mai Hung Dung, Standing Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee presents gifts to veterans of Hoang Lien Son II Battalion, strengthening Thu Dau Mot province in the resistance war against the US to save the country

Remember the old battlefield

Visiting Lao Cai province, we were fortunate to meet officials and soldiers of Doan Hoang Lien Son II who had fought in the land of Thu Dau Mot in the past. Although most of them are old age and have weak health, but in each of them there is still the echo of the passionate days on the road "For the South of the flesh". Mr. Ma Cong Thang, Head of Liaison Committee of Hoang Lien Son I and Hoang Lien Son II Battalions is a typical example. With a very proud voice, Mr. Ma Cong Thang told of his youth when he had imprinted his footprints in many hot battlefields, including Thu Dau Mot province. When the country was clear of enemies, he returned to his homeland to continue to devote to the army.

Mr. Thang recalled: “Responding to President Ho Chi Minh's call to fulfill his determination to defeat the invading US invaders with the movements“ For the South of Vietnam ”,“ All for the front line ”, at the rear. In the north, including Lao Cai, the young people responded enthusiastically, enthusiastically to write a volunteer letter and were ready to go to the hospital to support the big southern front. Although they knew that this departure was hardship, they all accepted to sacrifice their youth to contribute their efforts to the liberation of the South and the reunification of the country ”.

In that context, in July 1968, Hoang Lien Son II Battalion was established, consisting of 600 cadres, workers and employees, and young people from Lao Cai province; staffed into 5 companies, bearing the regiment of Corps 2115 - B2 - S9; trained for 6 months in Lao Cai town.

On February 6, 1969, the troop moved to the South, after 5 months of marching across Truong Son mountain range, the delegation went to the southeastern region, gathered right in the area of ​​Thu Dau Mot province. After years of arduous and fierce years, along with units, as well as the army and people in Thu Dau Mot province, the delegation participated in many battles in Ben Cat, Thu Dau Mot, Phu Giao ... has successfully completed the mission. Many comrades who set up victories, were recognized as valiant killers of America, kill puppets, kill motor vehicles ... were awarded many medals.

Glory is like that, but there is no victory that is not exchanged with sweat, with blood, with bone. Of the 600 children of Lao Cai, hundreds have died on this fierce battle. The brothers permanently located the land of Thu Dau Mot in their 20s because of fierce bombs and enemies.


Mr. Mai Hung Dung, Standing Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, said that even in the years of fierce war against the US imperialism, Lao Cai faced many difficult tasks; has built and defended socialist in the North, fighting against the remnants of imperialism and feudalism; has just fought with the small witch, defending the order and security across the border, protecting the artery of reinforcements for the South from the socialist countries ... The work is chaotic, difficult, arduous Lao Cai still chose to send the best children to support the southern battlefield, including the battlefield of Thu Dau Mot. Party Committee and people of Binh Duong province are forever grateful for such noble sacrifice of heroes, martyrs, wounded soldiers, sick soldiers, heroic Vietnamese mothers and always remember their glorious feats and contributions. that contribution.

In gratitude to the children of Binh Duong as well as the children of all parts of the Country, including Doan Hoang Lien Son II (Lao Cai) for bringing his blood and bones "Decisive Death to the Nation", Binh Province Duong regularly paid attention to directing and effectively implementing the policies of gratitude and gratitude to the officers, soldiers, war invalids, sick soldiers and people of the martyrs in Thu Dau Mot province in resistance against America. The movement of visiting, encouraging and caring for elderly cadres, Vietnamese heroic mothers gratitude activities have become regular and extensive jobs in units and localities.

Mr. Mai Hung Dung also said that over the past time, Binh Duong has developed strongly; People's lives are constantly increasing. Binh Duong was officially selected as one of 21 cities and regions with the typical smart city development strategy of the world; is the first locality of the country to officially become a member of the World Smart City Community. The achievements of Binh Duong in recent years are the result of the correct leadership and direction of the Party committees and authorities, and the great efforts of the Party Committee and people of all ethnic groups in the province; including the tremendous contribution of generations of his father who bravely fought, sacrificed and strengthened comrades to Thu Dau Mot province in the resistance war against the US to save the country.

The solidarity of the people of Lao Cai - Binh Duong became more and more affectionate. Because today on the land of Lao Cai - the first place of the country, there are roads and schools named Thu Dau Mot. And in Binh Duong also has a road named Lao Cai. It is a reminder of the young generation today and tomorrow about the love of sticking the paint between the Party Committee and the people of Lao Cai and Binh Duong provinces and the glorious historical tradition of the Party Committee and the people of the two provinces. great unity of the nation. Thereby, it also shows respect, preservation and building for a solidarity relationship ready to share and help each other, contributing to tightening the friendship between the two army and local people.

Reported by Thu Thao – Translated by Vi Bao

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