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Many activities to preserve intangible monuments and culture by provincial museum

Update: 22-05-2020 | 10:34:04

Preserving intangible monuments and cultural assets is one of the important professional activities of the Provincial Museum to contribute to the strengthening of the preservation and protection of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage system in the local area.

Visitors visit an exhibition at the Provincial Museum

Mr. Le Van Phuoc, Director of the Provincial Museum, said that 2020 will be the year of the country's political events and major holidays. Therefore, the Provincial Museum has built a work plan program with many meaningful and large-scale activities, in which the conservation of monuments and intangible culture plays a key role. One of the outstanding activities of the preservation of intangible monuments and cultures must include the organization of summarizing the two projects "Conservation, embellishment and promotion of the values ​​of historical and cultural monuments and beautiful landscapes in Binh Duong province till 2010 and orientation to 2020” and “Preserve and promote the artistic values ​​of Tai Tu Music of Binh Province in the period of 2016-2020”. Thereby, the department will evaluate the results of project implementation in the past time.

Besides, the Provincial Museum has organized a scientific seminar "Protect and promote the value of national monuments in Binh Duong province". According to Mr. Le Van Phuoc, the seminar was organized to continue affirming the historical, cultural, scientific and aesthetic values ​​of the national monuments; objectively and scientifically assess the status of protection and promotion of the value of national monuments in recent years, and at the same time propose solutions to best protect and promote the value of national monuments in the province, contributing to traditional education, economic, social, cultural and tourist development in the locality. Along with that, to strengthen the management of monuments, prevent activities of invasive, encroachment on land of relics.

For the preservation of relics, the Provincial Museum is in collaboration with the Office of Culture and Information of Tan Uyen, the Bureau of Culture and Information of Bau Bang District to implement the work of setting up scientific records to propose. The provincial People's Committee issued a decision to rank 2 provincial-level relics for historical and architectural artworks of Duong Van Ho Ancient House (Bach Dang commune, Tan Uyen town) and the historic victory of Cay Cay Truong (commune). Except Van Tho, Bau Bang district). Mr. Phuoc added, after these relics are ranked, it will contribute to enriching the history of the formation and development of the land and people of Binh Duong, meeting the needs of research and sightseeing. , learning of the public; at the same time contributing to the planning of investment policies to preserve, renovate, restore and promote the value of the monument in the coming years.

Preserving and renovating relics are always paid attention to and maintained by the Provincial Museum regularly, in order to preserve and combat the degradation of the monuments. This year, the Provincial Museum carried out the restoration of the national monument of Ancient House Tran Van Ho; polishing wooden structures of ancient houses of Tran Cong Vang.

In the preservation of intangible cultural heritage, the Provincial Museum promotes the work of setting up scientific documents to recommend the inclusion of 3 types of intangible cultural heritage into the list of national intangible cultural heritage, that are heritages: Pottery in Binh Duong, Martial Arts of Tan Khanh - Ba Tra, Ky Yen Festival and Tan An Temple. This is considered a practical activity to honor typical types of intangible cultural heritage in the province.

2020 is a year with many important political events of the country, the outstanding activities in the preservation of monuments and intangible culture of the Provincial Museum is an important highlight in the joint work. At the same time, it also contributes to protecting and promoting the value of the cultural heritage system in the province.

Reported by Hong Thuan – T.Men – Translated by Vi Bao

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