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Market movements after Tet: Abundant goods, stable supply

Update: 20-02-2020 | 17:46:39

At present, conventional markets and supermarkets in the province, except for medical masks and hand sanitizers, the supply of other essential goods is still stable and satisfies the demand of customers.

Functional forces inspect medical masks at Big C Supermarket (Thu Dau Mot City).

Stable supply

From 12 to 14 Feb, provincial Department of Industry and Trade led a delegation coming to many localities and large supermarkets in the province to grasp the situation of goods preparation, demands, and stocking plans for essential goods. In the province, the supply of goods is abundant; there is no shortage of goods, price rise. In particular, at major supermarkets such as Co. Opmart, Big C (Thu Dau Mot City), Lotte (Thuan An City), Vinmart (Di An City), plentiful goods are displayed on shelves, from instant food such as noodles, noodle, porridge, spices to rice, macaroni, noodles, cattle meat, meat, poultry eggs, processed foods.

According to supermarket representatives, in recent days, due to people's anxiety caused by diseases, the amount of goods and food sold has increased, mainly some vegetables, food, and only occurred locally in some areas, but the price is still stable as before Tet. Many customers are afraid of epidemics and natural disasters, thus buy more goods than on normal days. However, most people do online shopping to avoid crowded places.

At a recent meeting, Department of Industry and Trade asked businesses to report on stockpile plans, and closely monitor supply and demand during the epidemic time to create a general stability on the market. Currently, the distribution systems have been actively cooperating with suppliers, farmers to stabilize the supply and price. According to Duong Bao Khuong, Deputy Director of Co.opmart Binh Duong, goods in this supermarket are always plentiful but the demand is now quite low. Many supermarkets are selling essential items for daily needs; the prices are clearly and fully listed.

To increase stockpile, stabilize prices

Ho Van Binh, Deputy Director of Department of Industry and Trade, said businesses were well performing the preparation and stockpile of essential goods in accordance with the provincial plan to cope with Covid-19. Foodstuffs in the first quarter of 2020 increased by 20-30% compared to the output of the same period in 2019. In case the epidemic spreads to the whole community, businesses planed for stocking essential goods to serve customers...

Also according to Mr. Binh, in the short term, the department will continue to closely monitor the situation of supply and demand for essential food products, actively set up and propose solutions to stabilize the market. Accordingly, the department cooperated with functional units to provide accurate information on market developments, commodity prices; timely handled false information, causing psychological instability to consumers. The department also mobilized and encouraged enterprises in the area to continue boosting production.

In the long term, the department expects businesses to actively work with localities with large supply of goods for Binh Duong market to update information on farming, manufacturing and supplying; signing, organizing procurements, consumption of high-quality goods and products. In addition, businesses strengthen linkages, build closed supply chains, ensure direct supply to consumers, especially build supply chain of disinfectant facemasks to meet customer demand. The department will also work with other agencies to update information on agricultural production, the situation of fake goods, price increase... in the area to promptly solve problems.

Apart from increasing stockpiles and stabilizing prices, the department proposed related units to strengthen inspection, control and ensure food hygiene and safety; suggested supermarkets and shopping centers to enhance online sales, e-commerce, non-cash payments... to avoid crowded people, ensure hygiene.

Mr. Binh recommended that everyone needed to be a wise consumer, very calm in the current epidemic time. All governmental levels and sectors have been making efforts to prevent epidemics while ensuring goods to serve people needs. In case Covid-19 has complicated changes, Department of Industry and Trade will promptly plan and take actions to meet the supply of essential goods. Therefore, people should not be too worried, buy many unnecessary foodstuffs and products, causing market instability.

Reported by Tieu My - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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