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My Phuoc - Tan Van Highway – a breakthrough, ahead of strategy, said M.S., Architect Hoang Huy Thinh

Update: 06-08-2020 | 11:05:12

The Provincial People's Council has just approved the project policy to create landscapes, combat traffic congestion on My Phuoc - Tan Van highways and provincial highways (O&M). The reporter of Binh Duong Newspaper had an interview with Master, Architect Hoang Huy Thinh, Director of the Training Program in Urban and Regional Planning, Thu Dau Mot University around the effectiveness of the route as well as the significance of the O&M project.

My Phuoc - Tan Van highway needs investment and upgrading to reduce congestion and ensure traffic safety

 - How important is the highway My Phuoc - Tan Van to the socio-economic development of Binh Duong, sir?

- Along with Highway 13, My Phuoc - Tan Van highway is considered to be two "backbone" traffic axes in the North-South direction of the province, connecting the industrial parks and urban areas in the south with industrial parks and raw material areas, rural north of the province. This work is both a breakthrough and a strategic step in the development of transport infrastructure and socio-economic development of the province. These routes simultaneously undertake internal and external transport tasks. In the interior is the connection across industrial zones from the north to the south of the province. External relations are regional links, connecting Binh Duong with Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Phuoc Province, the Central Highlands provinces and the Cambodian border. These two routes play a very important role in the process of socio-economic development, investment attraction, industrialization and urbanization.

The most obvious effect that My Phuoc - Tan Van highway brings is to contribute to the formation and effective implementation of the policy of bringing industry to the northern districts of the province. Binh Duong's transport infrastructure for industrial development plays a very important role. From the policy of promoting investment in transport infrastructure, creating an investment-attracting environment, Binh Duong has created breakthrough highways to leverage. Ben Cat Town, where the My Phuoc - Tan Van route passes through, has formed many large and modern industrial zones. In particular, on the basis of the planned route of the Ring Highway 3 of Ho Chi Minh City approved by the Prime Minister, Binh Duong has actively mobilized non-budget capital to invest in new construction of My Phuoc - Tan Van, connecting Binh Duong new city, urban centers, industry of the province with national traffic hubs and provinces and cities in the southern key economic region. This is the arterial traffic axis, playing an important role in promoting the rapid socio-economic development of the province in the direction of industrialization, modernization and urbanization.

This route promotes a great role, especially when the "Eastern city" of Ho Chi Minh City is formed, connecting the technical infrastructure of Binh Duong with Thi Vai, Cai Mep ports, ports. Container ... The investment in the construction of My Phuoc - Tan Van highway has important implications for the socio-economic development of Binh Duong, greatly contributing to the investment attraction in the coming time in the province. . At the same time, the simultaneous combination with Long Thanh airport will create a strong boost for the development of a larger and stronger regional culture, economy and society in the future.

- In your opinion, what is necessary and meaningful to invest in the construction and expansion of intersections on this highway?

- The My Phuoc - Tan Van highway project, since officially put into use, has brought about positive effects on people's lives as well as the traffic situation of Binh Duong. Currently, the highway density of Binh Duong province increases in the direction of modernization, smart planning, minimizing traffic congestion as well as helping vehicles operate more smoothly. However, in some intersections connecting radially with existing urban areas such as the An Phu roundabout, they are often overloaded. During rush hour, the rotation turns into a "magnet" that sucks the car from all the highways into the center and then splits in many different directions, causing congestion to spread to neighboring highways. The way to solve congestion at intersections is to reduce the number of intersections between traffic lines when merging or splitting lines. Construction of overpasses, underground tunnels, forming apricot-style intersections is an effective option at present. Therefore, the investment in the construction and expansion of intersections at different levels is necessary, is a good solution and needs specific calculations to implement.

- The Provincial People's Council has just approved the O&M project policy, how do you comment on this project, sir?

- I completely agree with the above policy of the province. Investing in upgrading the arterial highway My Phuoc - Tan Van is very necessary and needs to be implemented soon. The use of solutions to build overpasses and underground tunnels not only contributes to handling traffic congestion, increases highway density, but also creates urban aesthetics and aesthetics for urban architectural space at intersections, creates urban highlights.

The anti-traffic jam on this route also needs scientific research. It is necessary to assign a consultant with enough experience and learning foreign advanced techniques to be applied in the project. In the implementation process, multi-dimensional synthesis must be considered. For example, for the planning, it is necessary to consider the master plan combined with the transport specialized planning ... From there give the optimal plan (these two plans must be mapped together), and then consider intersections directly with urban areas, any section in direct contact with urban areas must be bypassed highways, parallel highways etc. Apply information technology to control flow, density and congestion.

Also need to share more, the overpasses that are different from the general level in urban areas today in countries around the world are especially interested because in addition to the circulation value, there are also architectural, landscape values ​​and become the heritage of the capital. As the Dragon Bridge has become a symbol of Da Nang city. Referring to this because at present, in some places, the overpass is only interested in meeting the travel needs without considering the aesthetic requirements, which is landscape architecture, urban beauty. Therefore, the advisory of the design of the plan requires the participation of expert groups such as transport infrastructure engineers in general and especially the participation of urban architects. The solution to make the flyover has many advantages such as reducing the intersection between the lines of vehicles, not taking up a lot of land area, not spending the cost of site clearance.

For newly built intersections, multi-storey pier structures should be considered in the original plan, giving designs in accordance with technical, landscape and aesthetic requirements, and at the same time requirements for construction space.

- Thank you Sir!

Interviewed by Phuong Le – Translated by Vi Bao

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