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No crap traders resident in Thu Dau Mot city

Update: 18-10-2020 | 16:33:00

In nine months of 2020, Thu Dau Mot city authority continues to elevate effectiveness of the collecting and thorough treatment of wastes from sources in the province. Accordingly, the city authority mobilized and called upon families, producers and agencies to connect to waste water collecting system. Accumulatively, 69.3% of families and establishments (6,687) have connected to the system. Besides, the city authority continues to effectively implement the inspection and sanctions and mobilized companies and families of crap trading to change to other types of business. Up to date, the city has 17 families of crap trading but no enterprises of crap trading are in place. The city authority has also ensured conditions for continual implementation of solid waste classification at their sources at Hiep An ward. The solid waste classification program is expected to be summed up by the end of 2020.

Reported by Thanh Hong – Translated by Vi Bao

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