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Obvious changes in mass mobilization

Update: 23-05-2019 | 09:45:19

 In recent years, mass mobilization in North Tan Uyen district has been renewed in terms of both content and methods. As a result, mass mobilization emulation movements spread widely, strengthened the people's belief in the Party leadership, Government administration, mobilizing many resources for the local development.

Fatherland Front Committee and unions of North Tan Uyen district present civil works – physical training equipment to people and amusement parks to children.

 Good mass mobilization, everything succeeds

Following the teachings of President Ho Chi Minh, "Good mass mobilization, everything succeeds", in the last 5 years since the district’s establishment, North Tan Uyen district's Party Committee and authorities paid attention to enhancing mass mobilization works to create unanimity among people, utilize resources for the local development. To carry out this work, Party Committee, authorities, Fatherland Front and mass organizations in the district actively propagated, encouraged union members, and people to strictly abide by the Party’s guidelines and State laws; in which continued to emphasize the spreading of Party Congress resolutions at all levels and develop plans for implementation of mass mobilization works, Central Resolution 4, 5, 6, grassroots democracy regulations...

A highlight of North Tan Uyen district’s mass mobilization was the effective implementation of emulation movement "Smart mass mobilization" combined with emulation movement “The whole district join hands for new rural construction, civilized urban areas” and the Politburo Directive 05-CT/TW on" Promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, ethics, and lifestyle". The district's "Smart mass mobilization" emulation movement was launched on all aspects of social life. The committees and authorities did well the propagation and mobilizing cadres, members and people in the district to join hands in carrying out mass mobilization tasks in many fields. Many good and creative ways, good examples of the mass mobilization implementation appeared. A number of excellent models in the district were "Friendly offices for the people", "Staying near the people, close to the grassroots", "Growing piggy banks to raise fund for the poor", “Realizing dreams","Compassionate rice bags","Self-governing route","Helping students go to school” contributed to spreading mass mobilization emulation movement of of the district, solving socio-economic and security issues in the locality.

Dang Van Hung, Permanent Deputy Secretary of North Tan Uyen district Party Committee, said that mass mobilization always concerned local Party Committee. The Party Committee regularly directed the emulation movement of "smart mass mobilization" in the whole political system associated with tasks of socio-economic development, defense – security, and building the political system, contributing to creating a good change in cadres,  union members, civil servants, and soldiers’ awareness of the role and importance of mass mobilization, sense of responsibility towards people and mass mobilization in the political system; firmly consolidating people's trust in Party leadership.

Mobilizing people's power

To renovate content and method, mass mobilization in North Tan Uyen district strongly turned towards grassroots level, thereby mobilizing a lot of resources to contribute to local development process. An example was the new rural construction program. When starting this program, North Tan Uyen had a newly established district with limited facilities and human resources. Realizing those difficulties and challenges, the district Party Committee and government determined that the effective implementation of the new rural construction program would create a solid foundation, a motivation for the socio-economy growth of the district.

From this point of view, the propagation, mobilization, dissemination, and implementation of the new rural construction program were carried out regularly, continuously and deeply among all classes of people, thereby creating a high agreement among the whole political system, the people and business community in building new rural areas. Many households in residential areas donated their lands and properties to build social security works for community. Only in the period 2016-2018, total capital mobilized from the people and enterprises in the district was over VND 60 billion, contributing to the implementation of the new rural construction program.

Therefore, in 2014 when the district was newly established, they did not have any commune meeting new rural construction standards, then after only 3 years, in 2017, 10/10 communes of the district were recognized as new rural construction communes. This was the effort and determination of the Party, government and people of North Tan Uyen district in many years.

Reported by Cao Son – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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