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Online shopping increases sharply, Vietnamese goods are trusted

Update: 16-09-2020 | 10:20:28

After several months of being affected by the Covid-19, the shopping trend has changed markedly. Accordingly, most small and medium-valued products have changed its trading method to online shopping; customers just have to go to websites, mobile apps, or call hotlines to place orders, then after only a few tens of minutes, the products will be delivered to their doorstep.

To be safer and more convenient

In recent months, supermarkets, large stores, such as Thế giới di động, Co.opmart, Big C, and many eateries have begun offering customers online order service and free home delivery for many household items, necessities, fresh food... This is the perfect response amidst the epidemic situation.

Thu Dau Mot city has appeared delivery services, such as Grab Food, Now Food, Giao hàng tiết kiệm, Giao hàng nhanh... to serve the strongly growing demand for online shopping in the city. On Thich Quang Duc street, many drivers of Grab Food, Now Food were busy coming to restaurants to buy food and drinks for customer.

Delivery men of Grab Food.

Le Van Thang, a Grab Food driver, said that due to the Covid-19, more and more people had been afraid to go outside. Some of their solutions are to buy fresh food and cook at home, or order food portions of restaurants through mobile apps. "The majority of people who choose this option are busy people or office people. They just need to open the app, select a restaurant, select dishes, and press the order button. Service provider assigned staff to take the order, then go to the restaurant and deliver the food to customers", said Thang.

Phan Quoc Toan, owner of a small restaurant on Thich Quang Duc Street said, since the epidemic occurred, his restaurant has recommended take-away service to their customers to limit unnecessary direct contacts. Toan also "moved" his restaurant to online mode by registering, cooperating with food delivery apps, such as Grab Food and Now Food. "Currently, about 60% our orders are online, the remaining 40% orders are placed directly by customers", Toan said.

Not only restaurants, chain stores, big supermarkets, such as Co.opmart, Big C, Điện máy xanh, Bách hóa xanh, Thế giới di động also encourage customers to place online orders and provide home delivery for free within 30-60 minutes. Supermarkets of Điện máy xanh, Bách hóa xanh, Thế giới di động are offering discounts and gift vouchers to online customers.

Similarly, Co.opmart and Big C supermarket also launched free delivery service for online customers. Namely, Big C Binh Duong has implemented two forms of online shopping so that customers have many choices, including through Grab Mart app or hotline 1900 1880. Co.opmart Binh Duong also deploys many online shopping channels to help customers shop at home more conveniently through hotline, Zalo, Facebook, and Saigon Co.op mobile app. A representative of Co.opmart Binh Duong said that in recent months, the percentage of online customers had increased rapidly. Accordingly, most products sold are fresh food, necessities and household items.

To trust in Vietnamese goods

The Covid-19 has adverse consequences for the world economy, including Vietnam. Purchasing power and shopping trends have many changes. However, according to economists, the pandemic also brings opportunities to businesses and Vietnamese goods. The closure of borders to prevent the pandemic, at the same time, causes the circulation and trade of goods between countries to decrease. If domestic businesses are able to seize this opportunity to expand their markets and improve product quality, this will be the best opportunity to expand market share and gain good growth.

At shops and supermarkets in Thu Dau Mot area, up to 70-80% products displayed on shelves are "Made in Vietnam". Tran Thi Thuong, owner of a grocery on 30-4 Street, said that during the last 6 months, she was quite confident about selling domestic items, because these items are competitive in price, design, and quality that are improved significantly compared to previous years.

Le Thi Thuy (Phu Tho ward, Thu Dau Mot City) said that she used to prioritize buying imported goods, because she believed in its high quality. However, in the last 2 years, she has completely changed her shopping habits. "Vietnamese brands have many beautiful products with good quality that is not inferior to imported products", Thuy said.

Online shopping at home is familiar and easy now, with just a smart phone, customers can have sellers choose the best products and bring to their home. In addition, while the most concern of consumers is product quality of online shopping, now most manufacturers and suppliers in the country allow customers to test and try products before making payment.

Reported by Dinh Thang - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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