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Brilliant urban development of Binh Duong

Part 2: A young city in modern and civilized orientation

Update: 22-09-2020 | 11:26:15

As the localities of rapid industrial development which brings about physical increment of the population, Thuan An city and Di An city, in the past years and by leadership tenures, have been developed in line with planning, modern and civilized orientation, and improvement of people’s live hood.

Thuan An municipality is strongly developed thanks to righteous decisions and determination of provincial leaders and efforts of all time local leaders who have been joining up with the people and enterprises in the localities

The efforts of limitation overcoming

Nguyen Thanh Tam, Deputy Secretary cum Chairman of Thuan An city People’s Committee said: “Our city is the location for leading industrial development of the province, dramatically contributing to provincial budget collection and creating jobs to hundreds of thousands of working people locally and from cities and provinces of the nation. However, the positive outcomes have been coupled with issues of social infrastructure relating to education and medical services let alone housing for working people.

The housing services fail to meet the demands in terms of quality and quantity have led to illegal land-use right transferring, illegal construction, and planning omission of constructions.

“Thuan An city authority is carrying out measures to make sure that every sector, individual, and leaders of wards can tight up the construction management. We shall attribute responsibilities on leaders who will be held responsible for any violations of land-use transferring, site allocation, illegal constructions, planning omission in construction, among others,” said Nguyen Thanh Tam.

Tam added that the violation of construction has been resolved by local authority in terms of renovation to match the general planning of the locality. Thuan An city authority will facilitate projects of developing and upgrading infrastructure of the city by economic components and enterprises that are competent. The city authority prioritizes housing projects and promotes socialization of education and healthcare development.

“For the time to come, we shall focus on reviewing the planning and then on training our staffs to act out such plans. In the meantime, we shall ensure serious implementation in the face of recent achievements and lessons learned from limitation to ensure future rapid development of the city. As the planning is available, all resources of the economy should be mobilized to service the investments into infrastructure and construction of a modern and civilized municipality. Currently, Thuan An city is in the process of transformation which requires concentrated improvement of municipal quality, infrastructure, and people’s live hood,” said Tam on sharing the measures that local authority would launch.

Correction and moving forward

Talking to us about the enhanced measures of State’s management related to construction and modern and civilized orientation of city development that Di An city authority has proposed, Vo Anh Tuan, Deputy Chairman of Di An city People’s Committee informed that construction and development aims have been followed to make Di An a modern and civilized city. Ever since 2000, Di An district People’s Committee has hired consultants to set up 1/10,000 urban planning until 2020 with vision to 2030 and sectional 1/2000 planning of wards. In 2018, Di An town People’s Committee adjusted general urban planning of Di An to 2040 and sectional planning of Di An ward and Dong Hoa ward. Currently, Di An city authority approved the sectional planning projects for the remaining wards of Tan Binh, Tan Dong Hiep, An Binh, Binh An, and Binh Thang.

To assure the development orientation, Di An city authority has focused on removing and utmost terminating operations of enterprises causing serious environment pollution so as to preserve the land for development of trade and services, housing, and new residential areas. Besides, Di An city authority has been constructing and implementing the correction of make-shift land allocation. Various slum dog sites have been renovated. Technical infrastructure has been invested as nearly 300 land-use right certificates related to 24 zones have been issued to gain high public consensus.

Vo Anh Tuan also affirmed that State’s management of municipality has been determined as focal tasks of Di An city and been firstly cared about. By such determination, Di An city authority for the time has earned special attention about the process. In recent Party Congress of Di An, action plans on renovation and correction of synchronous infrastructure and urban development, effective exploitation of resources for investment and urban development, elevation of State’s management of construction, and continual administrative reforms in construction have been set. Di An city authority will focus on constructing resettlement land to service the compensation and site clearance for projects of renovating, correcting and developing the municipality.

Reported by Minh Duy – Translated by Vi Bao


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