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Taking good care of workers after the Covid-19 epidemic

Part 2: Helping workers overcome difficulties

Update: 01-07-2020 | 08:26:16

Executive Committee of Trade Union of Trieu Dang Vietnam Co., Ltd. presents gifts to workers in difficult situations during the Covid-19 epidemic. Photo: Van Tien

With the approval of the General Confederation of Labor, the provincial Labor Confederation has deployed a loan of VND 50 billion from the accumulated trade union financial source to support union members and workers facing difficulties due to the impact of the epidemic of Covid-19 borrowed from CEP Microfinance Institution (CEP Organization). Currently, nearly 2,000 employees have been handling loan documents.

Support workers to borrow money

Facing the effects of the long-lasting Covid-19 epidemic, production and business activities of a number of enterprises in the province face many difficulties and challenges. That is the shortage of raw materials, unable to export goods, no orders, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, businesses must suspend operations or activities moderately ... Therefore has more or less affected the employment, income and life of workers. As of May 31, 2020, the whole province had 289 enterprises stopped operating with 210,377 affected workers.

In order to help and share with workers in a timely manner, besides practical activities such as giving gifts, mobilizing thousands of landlords to reduce and exempt the rent, visit and help workers in especially difficult circumstances. ..., the deployment of preferential loans can be said to be of great help to the life of workers in the present time. Mr. Ho Van Kiep, Director of CEP Organization (branch of Thu Dau Mot City), said: “In 34 provinces and cities with CEP in operation, Binh Duong is the only province linked by trade unions at all levels with CEP, creating favorable conditions for employees to borrow a package of VND 50 billion with a preferential interest rate of 2% a month. Each case is considered for a loan of VND 5 million and then has to pay both principal and interest divided equally for 12 months, with the grace of the first 3 months. The corresponding support package for 10,000 employees to borrow money to spend and cover their lives ”.

Talking about those who are entitled to a preferential package of VND 50 billion through CEP, Mr. Kiep added, that are those workers who are directly working or stopping work with pay and losing 1/3 of their income or more affected by the Covid-19 epidemic; have working time of 2 years or more and the labor contract is still valid. The grassroots trade union shall select the subjects according to the above conditions, make a list and send it to the CEP branch in the locality to be appraised before disbursement. Before terminating labor contracts with workers who are borrowing this support package, grassroots trade unions are responsible for coordinating with the company's human resources department to promptly notify and assist CEP Organization on debt recovery. .

According to the provincial Labor Confederation, through the review and approval of loan documents from the end of May, the whole province now has 1,965 workers in difficult circumstances in 32 enterprises applying for loans, with a total loan of VND 9,825 billion. Currently CEP is continuing to appraise the application for disbursement.

Many practical activities

Due to the epidemic of Covid-19, commune unions, wards and townships coordinated with local authorities to mobilize landlords in various forms such as exemption, reduction and extension of rent payment. Accommodation for workers, up to now, there are 1,170 zones, inns provide exemption, discount and other forms of support for employees with nearly 15,000 rooms supported, estimating the total amount of employees, benefiting nearly VND 5.5 billion a month.

In addition, trade unions at all levels promptly paid visits, supported and gave gifts to nearly 3,000 cases of union members, workers in difficult circumstances, stopped work in enterprises that had to temporarily suspend operations due to the impact. by Covid-19 epidemic, suffering from serious illness, labor accident from trade union budget and funds of workers and employees with the total amount of nearly VND 1.5 billion; Welfare programs have been widely and effectively implemented, grassroots trade unions have deducted funds and mobilized enterprises' owners to pay support to laborers, such as money, rice, instant noodles, masks and many necessities. other essential products ..., there are over 300,000 union members, workers are supported, benefited with a total amount of over 21 billion.

The Workers' Month in 2020 with the theme "The month of Workers - Trade Union follows Uncle Ho" has been concretized by Trade Union levels with many practical, effective activities, focusing on taking care of life for union members. , the provincial Labor Federation organized the Workers' Month program 2020 and celebrated the 130th anniversary of Uncle Ho's birthday with the theme "Month of Workers - Trade Union following Uncle Ho's" with the participation of 300 delegates. Trade unions granted 94 gifts to members who are union members, workers in extremely difficult circumstances, suffering from serious illnesses, labor accidents from "Fund for supporting workers in extremely difficult circumstances" ”With a total amount of VND 670 million; mobilizing officials, public servants, officials and employees to contribute and support the fund. The Union rewarded 43 teams and 40 individuals with outstanding achievements in the prevention and control of Covid-19 disease.

Most trade unions in the province have chosen practical activities, implemented new models and practices, selected the theme of organizing the Workers' Month in 2020, such as: "Labor safety - Maintaining jobs. - Stable income "or" Maintaining employment - Stable income - Sharing difficulties "... in accordance with practical conditions, organizing visits and giving gifts to over 302,000 cases as union members, workers in difficult circumstances, losing jobs in enterprises that have to temporarily suspend operations due to the Covid-19 epidemic, severe illness, occupational accidents from trade union funds and funds in workers and employees with a total amount of nearly 21 billion.

Implementing the union's welfare program, the provincial Labor Confederation continues to sign a cooperation agreement with the welfare program implementation of units, currently the total number of units implementing the welfare program for union members and employees is 52. unit. Agape Welfare Corporation's "Stabilizing, saving and welfare" program with 100,000 discount coupons; welfare program of Kim Sang Rice Company and other providers of essential necessities, such as Khai Minh Trade and Service Development Investment Co., Ltd., Hoa Thien Phu Co., Ltd., Nguyen Ngoc Chau Co., Ltd. King Rice Company, Binh Duong Post Office ... have benefited nearly VND 8 billion for more than 360,000 union members and employees to enjoy. To date, more than 676,000 trade union members and workers have benefited from welfare programs totaling 20 billion dong.

In addition, trade unions at all levels timely paid attention, regularly monitored, encouraged, visited and supported 7,092 union members and workers in difficult circumstances, suffering from dangerous diseases and unexpected accidents from sources. funds for workers and employees; proactively propose, coordinate with employers to organize activities to take care of life for 73,348 cases with a total amount of nearly VND 17.7 billion; maintain the fund "Trade Union shelters", revolving funds, mutual funds, guarantee mortgage loans for bank employees, employees and union members with the total amount of over VND 5.4 billion. CEP has also supported nearly 1,519 loans with a total disbursement of more than 45.6 billion VND in union members and workers.

From the practical activities of trade union hamlets, it can be said that it has helped a lot for workers to gradually overcome difficulties during the epidemic season.

(To be continued)

Reported by Anh Sang – Translated by Vi Bao

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