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Phu Giao District to perform fire prevention and fighting in conditional business establishments

Update: 13-11-2019 | 10:56:04

Currently, in Phu Giao district, there are 132 conditional business establishments, which are mainly are motels, pawnshops, karaoke, gas shops ... According to local authorities, most of these establishments are individual business households with limited investment capital. Thus the observance of fire prevention and fighting laws and regulations, the establishment and maintenance of on-site fire fighting force of these establishments still has many shortcomings and limitations. Therefore, these facilities are always at risk of fire and explosion, especially risk of causing human damage when a fire incident occurs.

Facing the above situation, relevant agencies in the district have strengthened the propagation and training on fire prevention and fighting skills for owners of these facilities. Since the beginning of this year, the District People's Committee has organized many training classes on social security and fire prevention for business owners in the area. In addition, local government also stepped up the inspection to timely report shortcomings in fire prevention and fighting, and strictly handled serious violations.

Reported by Trung Hau – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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