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Legal Updates

In order to firmly ensure energy security, provide stable, high quality energy at reasonable prices for sustainable socio-economic development...

Pursuant to Circular No. 12/2020/TT-BGTVT dated May 29, 2020 of Ministry of Transportation

Provincial People's Council has issued a resolution on regulations of collection, payment and management of appraisal fees...

The PPC has issued a decision on the announcement of standardized administrative procedures...

Privately-placed corporate bonds can no longer be sold within their first year of issuance, according to a new decree.

Provincial People's Committee has approved the issuance of Project on building an official website for legal dissemination and education of Binh Duong province.

Provincial People's Committee to publicize the amendment and supplement of notarization procedures, judicial history.

Provincial People's Committee issued a Decision on collaborative regulation on construction order management in the province.

Provincial People's Committee promulgated regulations on decentralization of authority to issue norms for using specialized machines and equipment at agencies, organizations and units under its management in Binh Duong province.

The National Assembly passed the law amending and supplementing some articles of the Law on Government Organisation and the Law on Local Administration Organisation

Provincial People's Committee stipulated a process of administrative procedures for the construction evaluation and construction permit under OSS and connected OSS mechanism.

On 24 Oct, Vo Van Minh, Chairman of Provincial People's Council, chaired the meeting of Standing Committee of Provincial People's Council to give opinions on written Document No. 5238/TTr-UBND...

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