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President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example highlighted in Argentina

Update: 23-11-2009 | 00:00:00

Talks were held recently in Argentina by the Vietnamese embassy and the Vietnam-Argentina Culture Institute to highlight the late President Ho Chi Minh’s great contributions to the Vietnamese revolution and his moral example.

Speaking at the talks on 40 years of implementing the late President’s testament, Vietnamese ambassador to Argentina Thai Van Lung described the event as an opportunity for professors, scholars, culturists and friends of Vietnam in Argentina and other countries to exchange their thinking and sentiments towards the late President’s daily life and his revolutionary activities for freedom and independence of nations all over the world.

At the talks, Lawyer Rodolfo Caffero Kramer affirmed the long-lasting value of the late President Ho Chi Minh’s testament and called it an immortal document.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of the Institute for Strategic Studies of Argentina (IPE) Pascual Albanese said that Vietnam, with the socialism orientation and socio-economic development achievements, is now “a legal inheritor” of the late President’s historical testament.

Participant in the talks also dealt with President Ho Chi Minh’s image in Latin American countries’ heart, his contributions to arts and literature and his lessons bequeathed in the fields of education, human development and international solidarity construction.


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